The Dog Ray by Linda Coggin

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My last two book reviews have been rather… intense, so to speak.  To lighten things up, let me tell you about a delightful book; The Dog Ray by Linda Coggin.

The Dog, Ray by Linda Coggin - Famous in Japan

The Dog Ray by Linda Coggin

Publication Date: 03 March 2016
Publisher: Hot Key Books

A girl, a dog, a boy, a journey

‘When my death came, it was swift. Swift as a racing horse.’

Twelve-year-old Daisy has just died in a car crash. But in a twist of fate, and through a heavenly bureaucratic mistake Daisy ends up, not where she is supposed to be – but in the body of a dog. Daisy may now be inhabiting a dog’s body, but inside she is still very much Daisy, and is as bouncy, loyal, positive, energetic as she ever was.

Daisy’s only thought is to somehow be reunited with her parents, who she knows will be missing her. And this is how she meets Pip, a boy who is homeless and on his own journey, and a lasting, tender and very moving friendship between boy and dog/girl is formed.

When I received the opportunity to read and review The Dog, Ray a few weeks before its official publication date, I couldn’t say yes quick enough.  I loved the sound of the plot.  However, it was only when I was a few pages in that I realised that it was a children’s book.   Aren’t I silly?   At 22 years of age, I’m not exactly the target audience.  Regardless, I still really enjoyed this book.  Dare I say, it melted my cynical heart.

The Dog, Ray tells the story of Daisy, who dies in a freak car accident.   Due to a little misunderstanding in the administrative department in Heaven, she goes through the wrong door.  She is reincarnated as a puppy, yet she has the memories of herself as a human.   However, it’s not all plain sailing.  Her owners do not care for her, and they end up leaving her tied to a bench.  This is how she meets Pip, a homeless boy who is searching for his dad.   It is him who gives Daisy her new name of “Ray” and together they are form a friendship.   The Dog, Ray is the story of friendship, love, loyalty and letting go.

The Dog, Ray, being a children’s book, is very easy to read.  The story flows well, and it has a surprisingly fast pace for a children’s book.   It has enough drama to get your heart racing, but nothing that would greatly distress a young reader.  The story is touching, and you’ll find yourself rooting for both Pip and Daisy to get their happy ending.

As a dog person, I loved the idea of this plot.  I have two of my own and I would be lost without them.  I felt my heart break when Daisy began to forget her human life, but my heart also swelled when Ray did her best to make Pip happy by being the best dog she could be.   I wonder if my dogs used to be humans too?

I would recommend The Dog, Ray for readers from about 10 years old, but it can be gifted to those younger if they have the reading ability.  I can just imagine my friend Chelsea reading this book to her little man.   After I finished The Dog, Ray, I gave it three stars on GoodReads; an enjoyable book.  However, whilst writing this review I have bumped it up to four stars, as it truly is a sweet book with a heartwarming message.

Dannie x

A copy of The Dog, Ray provided in exchange for an honest review.  No further compensation received.

January 21, 2016
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  • Reply Chelsea

    This does sound really cute, Dylan loves reading stories about dogs! I love reading children’s books and I’m older than you ;) xx

    February 15, 2016 at 7:15 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Aw see, I knew you would love it xxx

      February 19, 2016 at 1:50 pm

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