YumeTwins | September 2016 | Unboxing, First Impressions and Review

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Now I’m an adult no longer living at home, I can buy what I want, when I want… and have it delivered to my parents’ house.  One of the things I treated myself to recently was a YumeTwins subscription.  


YumeTwins September 2016

Unboxing, First Impressions and Review

“YumeTwins is a monthly care package of everything kawaii and cute from TokyoTreat.  It centers around the “yume kawaii” culture which is a new kawaii movement recently emerged in Japan.  Yume kawaii isn’t just the old school kawaii – it’s a mixture of cuteness, fairytales and, importantly, a touch of darkness (yami)!”

“Each YumeTwins box is a surprise of 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies and squishies, collectible keychains and figures, stationary and accessories.  All items are fully licenced merchandise from Japanese brands you LOVE!*

As I have recently got a new job, and dare I say, perhaps even a new life(?!), I fancied treating myself to a new kawaii subscription, one slightly more “premium” than what is currently offered.  I had seen some YouTube videos about YumeTwins but as a relatively new service there wasn’t that many reviews to go on.  However, with some encouragement from Sami Spoon, I decided to give YumeTwins a go.

yumetwins-september-2-famous-in-japan yumetwins-september-3-famous-in-japan

My first impressions of the YumeTwins box were very good.  The eye-catching purple and white design of the box is definitely a step up from a plain box!  Inside the box, there is adorable artwork featuring the cute YumeTwins mascots.   I have saved the box as I’d like to colour it in at some point, and bring the mascots to life.

yumetwins-september-4-famous-in-japan yumetwins-september-5-famous-in-japan

YumeTwins include a little magazine in their boxes, which contains details of the items you received, as well as small articles such as the “kawaii trend of the month”.  The magazine also contained details of a two contests YumeTwins were running and a community page featuring images of YumeTwins subscribers and their boxes.  I bet it’s an exciting thing to see your pictures in there!

Now to the important bit… Let’s have a look at what I’ve got!


Shinada Fruit Colored Baby Nature Plushie

THIS IS SO CUTE! AAAAH! *squeals for 5 years* I’m not sure what animal this is…  My own personal thinking is that it might be a sheep?  A very kawaii sheep though, I have to say.  As soon as I saw it in the box, I fell in love with it instantly.


Shinada Palm Size Plushie

Another cutie from the Shinada brand, this is a cat (or a mouse?) plushie.  I believe it is designed to be so small that it can held in the palm of your hand.  To give you an idea of its size, it is similar in size to a small Disney Tsum Tsum.  The material is VERY soft, and I think this would be a lovely toy for a small toddler or child.   It hasn’t quite stolen my heart the same way the above plushie did, but I can still appreciate its cuteness!


Sanrio Bath Bombs

Two of my favourite things in life combined – Sanrio and bath bombs!   This bath bomb contains a secret Sanrio figurine which you can only get when the bath bomb has dissolved.  I didn’t think the bath bomb was anything spectacular (when compared to brands such as Lush) but in all honesty, I just wanted the figurine!  I was happy to receive a gold Cinnamoroll figure which I didn’t have time to photograph – sorry!


Little Twin Stars Post-Its

Another item in the box was this cute post it note set featuring Sanrio’s cutest twins, Little Twins Stars.  I have been using these at my new job and I have had a few people cooing over them already.  They definitely brighten up boring paperwork!


Mystery TokyoTreat Item – Lotte Koala Chocolate Biscuits

To celebrate the success of YumeTwins, the team behind TokyoTreat put a mystery candy item in each box.  A nice gesture, and a great way to advertise the TokyoTreat service! *wink wink*  I received a box of Lotte Koala chocolate biscuits. A similar treat to Hello Panda, I thought they were enjoyable and surprisingly filling. 


Little Twin Stars Oil Blotting Sheets

Another Little Twin Stars item in the box, but hey, I’m not complaining!  These oil blotting sheets will be a saviour in the hot months when I am a sticky, oily mess.  Will I be able to bring myself to use them though?  That is a tough question…


Peko-chan Mini Towel

Peko-chan! My love! I am sure long-time readers of my blog can imagine my delight at spotting this item!  I love Fujiya Milky sweets and I even have a phone case with Peko on.  I can’t imagine using this mini towel and potentially spoiling it, so I need to think of a way to use it without using it if that makes sense? *has small meltdown*


Doraemon Mini Figure

The next item I received was a Doraemon blind box with a selection of characters to collect.  The YumeTwins magazine says that these are super rare collector items which I find rather surprising.   I received the one I wanted to receive, the cute little blonde haired Doraemon.  However, I better keep her looking nice if she is rare… *muses*


Neko Atsume Cup

And finally, the star item of this box!  This Neko Atsume melamine cup was even dedicated its own separate page in the YumeTwins magazine.   As it is made of melamine, it feels sturdy yet surprisingly light.  I have been keeping this on my bedside table so I can get a drink in the night if I need one.

So, what’s the verdict? I hear you ask.   Well… I am really impressed with my first YumeTwins box!  I loved each item, with special mention to the Neko Atsume cup, Peko-chan towel and Shinada sheep plush.  I cannot wait to receive my next box.  At the time of writing I have received a few spoilers as to what is in the next box, so I am now even more excited to receive it and share it with you all.

A YumeTwins subscription costs $29.99 for a rolling 1 month plan, with cheaper pricing available depending on the length of plan you sign up to.  For example, if you sign up to a 12 month plan, it will work out cheaper than paying for a rolling 1 month plan for 12 months.    I personally signed up to the rolling 1 month plan just in case I didn’t like the initial boxes and I wanted to be able to cancel it easily.  The box took about two weeks to arrive, which I was expecting.  I would have liked it if YumeTwins offered tracked shipping but I understand that it might not be economical from a business point of view as the service is still relatively new.

I chose the $29.99 per month plan, however, I was lucky enough to use a promotional coupon at the time which gave me $5 off the cost of my plan forever.  I’m so sad that I can’t share it!  I will let you all know as soon as possible if they run the coupon again.   Taking into account the $5 off, my plan cost me about £20-£21 depending on the exchange rate that day.    I think I may need to receive a few more boxes before I can comment on whether it is worth the full £29.99 price though.  If you are tempted to give YumeTwins a go, I’d definitely keep an eye on their Twitter feed or indeed check out some of the “bigger” blogs that may have been given their own special coupon to share with their readers. 

Overall, I am really happy that I gave YumeTwins a go and I can only hope that each box I continue to receive is as good as this one.  No pressure, YumeTwins…

Dannie x

September 25, 2016
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  • Reply Mel

    Well you definitely get what the description is for the box, all of these are so cute :)

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    October 2, 2016 at 9:16 pm
  • Reply Kel

    This is all absolutely adorable – and looks like a sheep to me too!
    New job and life things sound very exciting – hope all is going swimmingly! x

    October 7, 2016 at 3:01 pm
  • Reply Shell Senseless

    Wow, so many cute things! :D

    October 9, 2016 at 12:25 pm
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