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Continuing on with my mission to reduce my Pocky stash, today I am bringing you my review of the Pocky – Panda variety.

Pocky - Panda - Famous in Japan

Pocky – Panda

I was so happy when I received my first box of Pocky – Panda.  This particular variety of Pocky boasts a cookies and cream coating that is similar to a panda’s appearance.   I’m told it is a rare variety and isn’t available that often, but I’ve genuinely had 3 boxes of it in my stash!    I first received it in an OyatsuBox, and then in a Kawaii Box and then more recently from a Christmas gift from Blippo.   Not that I am complaining mind, as it just means I had more to thoroughly and rigorously test… *chomps on Pocky stick*

Pocky - Panda - Famous in Japan

The Pocky – Panda is a lot smaller than usual boxes of Pocky.  It’s just a bit bigger than an iPhone 6 in height, and about as wide as two iPhones on top of each other.   What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in cuteness. Look at all those pandas! *squeals with delight*

Pocky - Panda -- Famous in Japan

In its simplest form, Pocky is a crunchy biscuit stick coated with a flavoured coating.  It comes in (possibly!) hundreds of different flavours and varieties, including chocolate, strawberry, matcha, coffee… and many, many more.    The end of the stick is left uncovered to give the snack a “handle”; you do not get the coating on to your fingers and hence make a mess.

I was so excited to try this particular variety of Pocky but unfortunately I have to say I am very disappointed.   Even though there is a noticeable cookies and cream scent upon opening up the foil packet, there isn’t a noticeable taste when it comes to actually eating it.  To taste the cookies and cream, you have to treat the Pocky stick as a lollipop of some sort and melt it in your mouth.   If you munch on the Pocky stick as you usually would, you can barely taste it.  The biscuit part is nice, as it always is really, but I expected a lot more to be honest!

I’ve munched my way through three boxes of the Pocky – Panda and they have all been the same with regards to the taste.  I suppose I should appreciate the consistency but I’m still disappointed.   Even though I adore the packaging, it isn’t a variety I will be repurchasing.  If only I had three boxes of Pocky – Chocolate Mint*sighs dreamily*

What’s your favourite flavour of Pocky? 

Dannie x

January 10, 2016
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  • Reply Sami Spoon

    You know, I’ve never tried this flavour of Pocky before!
    Sad to hear it’s not very good but I find the chocolate on Pocky to be kind of strange and waxy, Pocky Midi is where it’s at!! :D

    January 10, 2016 at 1:54 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Pocky Midi is so good! Cant wait to try the new variety I have :D

      January 10, 2016 at 6:36 pm

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