Pocky – Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa

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I’m making it a personal mission to get through my large stash of Pocky, so take this as a warning to expect an onslaught of reviews!  First up, it’s the Pocky – Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa.

Pocky - Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa - Famous in Japan

Pocky – Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa

I received this special winter edition of Pocky in the November OyatsuBox I told you my hoarding was bad!

Just in case you are new around here, Pocky is a crunchy biscuit stick coated with a flavoured coating.  It comes in (possibly!) hundreds of different flavours and varieties, including chocolate, strawberry, matcha, coffee… and many, many more.     The end of the stick is left uncovered to give the snack a “handle”; you do not get the coating on to your fingers and hence make a mess.

This particular variety boasts a thick coating of milk chocolate together with a fine dusting of cocoa powder.  Considering I am a huge chocoholic, I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to try these.  Any road, let’s continue.

Pocky - Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa -- Famous in Japan

The Pocky – Kuchidoke Rich Cocoa comes in two packets each containing 8 sticks.  The packaging has an adorable winter theme and you can see the little snow “flurries”that adorn each packet.

There was no noticeable scent upon opening up a packet, but on close inspection I could detect that there was indeed a sweet, rich chocolate scent.

The milk chocolate coating wasn’t as thick as I was expecting, but then again after you’ve tried Pocky Midi no amount of coating will compare!   The coating itself has a sweet taste and feels of good quality.  The dusting of cocoa powder is a little strange at first as it adds a powdery feeling to something that should be creamy, but it quickly disappears.

I think that the best way to enjoy this version of Pocky is to savour the coating and let it melt in your mouth, instead of chomping away at the stick in a few bites.  I have to say, this particular variety is perfect with a cup of tea.

Overall, I really enjoyed this version of Pocky.   In terms of repurchasing them, I wouldn’t trawl the Internet desperately, but if I saw them in a local shop, I would be open to trying them again.  I do want to try more of the unusual varieties of Pocky, and I can only hope that OyatsuBox keep on including them in their boxes.

What’s your favourite variety of Pocky?

Dannie x


October 21, 2015
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