Pocky – Demitasse

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You might not have believed me at the time, but I was being serious when I said I wanted to get through my Pocky stash!   It’s time for yet another review, and today’s variety of choice is the Pocky – Demitasse.

Pocky - Demitasse - Famous in Japan

Pocky – Demitasse

I received this premium version of Pocky in an OyatsuBox.   It boasts that it is made with high quality ingredients, and has a rich and luxurious coating of dark chocolate.    Ooh la la, doesn’t it sound fancy!

Pocky - Demitasse - Famous in Japan

The Pocky – Demitasse comes in a very small box.   It’s smaller in height than my iPhone 6 although it does have the same width.  For what it lacks in size, it makes up for with the actual packaging.  It looks very sleek and fancy; it’s definitely a change from the usual bright and colourful packaging.  I love the small love hearts on the lid; it almost feels a shame to throw it away!  But how does the actual Pocky compare?

Pocky - Demitasse -- Famous in Japan

I was sceptical, but you can taste the difference with this Pocky compared to usual.  The dark chocolate is rich with plenty of flavour, and the biscuit stick has a more satisfying crunch.  The chocolate coating is quite thin in comparison to the other varieties I have tried but as it is dark chocolate, perhaps less is more on this occasion!

Even though Google tells me that Demitasse is French forstrong black coffee or espresso”,  I have to admit that I didn’t pick up any coffee scent or taste.   

The Pocky – Demitasse ended up being surprisingly addictive, and unsurprisingly, did not last long.   I think these would make an excellent gift for the Pocky fan in your life, even if that is yourself!  Whilst I did enjoy this variety, I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase them again, although if I ever came across the Demitasse – Mint variety (in a shop for example) I might be tempted to enjoy them once more!

What’s your favourite flavour of Pocky?

Dannie x

October 25, 2015
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