OZACK Fried Gyoza Chips

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Hello!  As I had really enjoyed the Frito Lay Takoyaki Tei corn puffs, I decided to be brave and try another unusual snack I was avoiding; the OZACK Fried Gyoza Chips.

OZACK Fried Gyoza Chips - Famous in Japan

OZACK Fried Gyoza Chips

Of course, this rather unusual snack came into my life via an OyatsuBox.   I haven’t tried gyoza before, but I understand it is a Japanese dumpling filled with meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough.   These crisps aim to replicate the taste of gyoza, but what they would taste like if they were deep fried.

OZACK Fried Gyoza Chips -- Famous in Japan

I had some fears about the scent of these chips but upon opening actually the scent was pleasant; it was a mixture of spicy and meaty.

The texture of these chips reminds me of Pop Chips.  They feel slightly thicker and heavier compared to normal chips, which I think gives them a good crunch.  The flavour is spicy, and at times rather salty.  They definitely have a deep friend taste, which is quite unusual.   I didn’t expect a literal deep fried taste.    The spiciness of the flavour makes my lips, mouth and back of throat tingle.   Yes I know what that sounds like…  *logs off the Internet forever*

I would imagine savoury fans really enjoying these chips.  I didn’t mind them, and they were a good companion whilst watching Orange is the New Black, but I wouldn’t buy them again.  They haven’t quite captured my heart the way Takoyaki Tei did.  I can’t imagine getting a craving for them so bad that I had to repurchase them.    However, I am relieved that they didn’t have a bad scent like the Calbee Hot Chili Chips did… *shudders*  

They are out of stock on OyatsuCafe at the moment, but it wouldn’t surprise me if OyatsuCafe began to stock them permanently due to requests from subscribers.   I can imagine these being very popular.   If they come back in stock, I’ll let you all know!

Are you a fan of gyoza?  Is it something I need to try for real?

Dannie x


July 21, 2015
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