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Hello!  It’s once again OyatsuBox time, yay!  For those of you not so familiar with my blog, OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription box service from Japan. For $25 per month,  you receive a box of 8-14 items of Japanese confectionery and savoury goods.  Let’s have a look inside!

OyatsuBox July - Famous in Japan

I am going to hold my hands up and admit to being rather lazy with photographing the July box.  I couldn’t get the photos to look how I wanted them to so I just squished them together in my light box and MADE them behave!

Calbee Sapporo BBQ Potato Chips

These are potato chips with a BBQ flavour.  I have been rather brave with savoury flavours lately, so I will definitely be giving these a go.  I am slowly learning not to judge a savoury product by its packaging.

Parikore – Cola and Orange

These are cola and orange flavoured gummy candies that have a crispy outer shell.  I am so happy to receive some gummies that are not grape flavoured, as it is beginning to getting rather silly in the stash now.    I am feeling rather hopeful about these as I love pretty much cola flavoured anything.

Okaki – Zarame

These are classic Japanese senbei (rice crackers) with a twist – they are covered in sugar.  The rice crackers themselves are salty so with the added sugar there is a sweet & salty flavour.  Even though I like sweet & salty flavour,  I am a little bit scared of this product – it reminds me of tentacles!  I can’t look at it!

Awawa Puccho Ball – Grape

These are candies that have a hard and fizzy outer shell with a chewy and sweet grape centre.  Argh, I just cant escape the grape! (potential name for a stand alone Japanese candy blog? discuss…)  I already have a packet of these from Nicole from our last parcel swap so I can dig into them straight away without worrying about a review.   I think they sound rather fun!

Cream Collon – Vanilla

Collon is a famous Japanese snack, and yes the name is pronounced how you think it is.  These are crispy cookie biscuits with a vanilla cream centre.  I am really excited to try these, despite the weird name.

Ottotto – Vegetable Consomme

Ottotto biscuits are a popular snack in japan.  This box contains two big bags of vegetable crackers.  I will admit to being hesitant about trying these as I have not tried vegetable crackers before, and I have no idea how they will taste.  I will have to keep a sweet snack nearby to take away the taste if I don’t like it!

BAKE – Cookies and Cream

These are bite sized chocolates that are baked.  They are crispy on the outside, and they have a cookies and cream filling.  I was initially excited to try these, but after the disaster that was the Fujiya Milky Chocolate I’m now wary of chocolate with flavoured fillings.  Will these restore my broken trust?

Hi-Chew Japanese Fruits

Yay for Hi-Chew!  These flavours are Japanese fruits; bontan (a mixture of lemon and orange flavour), sweet strawberry, melon and yuzu (a mixture of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit).  I love Hi-Chew, and these flavours sound absolutely beautiful, so I am very happy to receive this generous bag.

Kracie Nerune DIY Candy Kit – Orange and Peach

Double yay for a DIY Candy Kit!  This is a special variation of the “Nerune” DIY kits.  It boasts two flavours to whip up; orange and peach.   I love peach and orange flavours, and I love DIY Candy Kits, so I will be giving this a go very shortly.

Meigum Fruits – Hello Kitty

These are chewy grape, peach and lemon flavoured candy.   It is a small bag and will probably be eaten by me very quickly.

Japanese Gachapon

This month OyatsuBox subscribers received a Kuroko no Basuke figurine in their Gashapon.   Kuroko no Basuke “tells the story of a high school basketball team trying to make it to the national tournament”.

A rather unusual box this month!  (Wait… don’t I say this EVERY month?!)   There are a lot of new flavours and textures to try out.   I am really excited about the Japanese flavours in the Hi-Chew, as well as finally being able to try the unusually named Cream Collon biscuits.  I will probably try the Awawa Puccho Ball candies and the Nerune DIY Candy Kit first out of the items in this box – they’re calling my name!

OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service from Japan.  The regular OyatsuBox service is $25, and you receive 8-14 items per month.   There is also the Junior Service, that is $7.99 per month, where you receive 2-3 items per month.  I prefer the $25 service personally as you get so much to try, and it will last you until the next box comes!  OyatsuBox contain a mixture of sweet and savoury items but do not worry, you receive an information sheet with the box so you know what each item is! Shipping is free and there are no custom charges to pay.  The boxes are sent out at the start of each month and take about two weeks to arrive.  

Dannie x

I am working with OyatsuBox at the moment, and as part of this work they have kindly offered me a free subscription.  I wanted to make it clear to you all that this has only started from May’s box.   My boxes from September to April were not provided for free.  If you have any questions, queries or doubts, please email me.  I would be happy to put your mind at ease.

August 1, 2015
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  • Reply Jessica Edmunds

    The rice crackers actually look delicious to me haha, and I am tempted by the potato chips- yummy x

    August 8, 2015 at 5:17 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      You crazy girl :) x

      September 15, 2015 at 8:16 pm
  • Reply Shell Senseless

    That’s a nice selection. The Cream Collon I tried were really delicious (despite the off putting name!) x

    August 30, 2015 at 2:15 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      I remember your review! Can’t wait to try them for myself x

      September 15, 2015 at 8:16 pm

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