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Hello!  It’s once again OyatsuBox time, yay!  For those of you not so familiar with my blog, OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription box service from Japan. For $25 per month,  you receive a box of 8-14 items of Japanese confectionery and savoury goods.  Let’s have a look inside!

OyatsuBox -- April

I thought I would try a different style of unboxing today…

I received 11 items this month; one savoury item, nine sweet items and one Gashapon.

The Gashapon this month was a Monster Hunter headphone jack.  It’s not personally something I would use, but I’m always appreciative of a branded Gashapon!

The savoury item I received this month was a bag of Koiki Polinki – Curry Meshi.  I previously received the sweetcorn variety of these triangle shaped corn puffs in the February OyatsuBox, but being a firm hater of the sweetcorn I haven’t tried them yet (and it’s doubtful I will).  I am hopeful that I will like this curry flavour offering though.

An item I was excited to see in my OyatsuBox this month was the bag of Oreo Bits – Matcha Latte.  These are smaller, bite size Oreos that contain a matcha latte cream filling.  I’ve already tried a green Kit Kat, it’s about time I tried a green Oreo!  Yes, I am easily impressed.

Another item that took my fancy this month was the box of Meiji Fran – Chocolate Cream.  Fran are a snack similar to Pocky; a cookie stick covered with a layer of chocolate. This chocolate cream variety from Meiji is made with real butter and has a layer of thick whipped chocolate cream.   I will definitely like these.

The DIY Candy Kit I received this month was the rather unusual Kracie Naru Naru Gummy – Grape.  This kit involves you creating a plastic vine, where you will see gummies “appearing before your eyes“.  This sounds like A LOT of fun and not too difficult either.

The little koala you can see peeking at the back belongs to the box of Koala No March – Cheesecake.  Similar to the cult Hello Panda biscuits, these are cheesecake cream filled biscuits. I’m not too sure about these, but I will give them a go and report back!

An item I am rather excited to try is the Umaibo Creamy Choco Bites.  Umaibo are corn puffs, and they usually come in savoury flavours.  However, these particular ones are chocolate flavoured.  My information sheet states that “the special recipe means that the chocolate becomes creamy as you eat it“.  I have high hopes of these being nice; I’ll be gutted if they are not!

I received two packets of gummies this month; the Fettuccine – Peach gummies and the TwinBow gummies.  The Fettuccine – Peach gummies are shaped like Fettuccine pasta, although I will admit that I have no idea what that looks like(!).   I think it’s obvious what flavour they are *wink wink*  The TwinBox gummies are long style gummies split into two different flavours.  There is cola/lemon and soda/grape.  You can eat each half individually or mix them together to make new flavours.  

An item I have had before, but in a different flavour is the Wata Pachi Gum.  This time I have received the Ramune Soda variety. Wata Pachi is cotton candy/candyfloss infused with pop rocks/popping candy, that turns into gum when you chew.  I have tried this before, and it is a lot of fun.

The last item to talk about today is the packet of FITS – Dragonball.   FITS is a type of stick gum, and this is “Kumehame Hawaii” flavoured.  I can imagine these being handy to have on a long train journey, and I’ll pop these in my bag for the next time I am stuck on a train.

You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?  This was a good box!  If you are a regular reader of my OyatsuBox unboxings, you’ll know by now that I tend to favour the sweet heavy OyatsuBoxes as I’m more likely to eat it.   Summer is now approaching Japan, and I am preparing myself for the reduction in the chocolate items I will receive.   Shipping of chocolate from Japan tends to come to a halt in the summer; no one wants to receive melted chocolate.  However, as I have so many bags of gummies that I need to get through, the few months without Japanese chocolate might be a good thing.   I better start saving up for my inevitable dentist bill – ha!

OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service from Japan.  The regular OyatsuBox service is $25, and you receive 8-14 items per month.   There is also the Junior Service, that is $7.99 per month, where you receive 2-3 items per month.  I prefer the $25 service personally as you get so much to try, and it will last you until the next box comes!  OyatsuBox contain a mixture of sweet and savoury items but do not worry, you receive an information sheet with the box so you know what each item is! Shipping is free and there are no custom charges to pay.  The boxes are sent out at the start of each month and take about two weeks to arrive.  

If there is anything you would like me to try for you, please let me know! 

Dannie x

April 14, 2015
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  • Reply Sami

    It looks awesome as always!
    I might be able to re-sub to them in like August haha

    May 3, 2015 at 10:08 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Pahaha, I know your pain. I have so much to eat :(

      May 10, 2015 at 11:14 am

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