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Hello!  It’s been over a month since my last Japanese candy review – wow!  Today’s post is on the very sweet side as I am reviewing Japan’s take on the traditional jelly bean.  Let’s talk about Meiji Poifull.

Meiji Poifull 1 - Famous in Japan

Meiji Poifull

$2.29 – OyatsuCafe

I’m not sure why my attention was drawn to the box of Meiji Poifull in my December OyatsuBox, considering I’m not really a big eater of our Western offerings.    I think it may be down to the cute and quirky packaging – look at the little heart that has been dotted over the i.

Meiji Poifull are described by OyatsuCafe as “mouth-watering jelly bean candies” that come in grape, apple, lemon and peach.  I don’t think that this is correct, as my tongue (and Google Translate) found that it was actually raspberry, apple, lemon and grape.

Meiji Poifull 2 - Famous in JapanIt appears that the Meiji Poifull are imposters!  They are not jelly beans, they are gummies!   Usually jelly beans are quite sugary inside, whereas these are not.  They have the typical jellybean shell but the inside is actually a soft gummy.

They can easily be eaten within a matter of seconds if you find a flavour you like.  However, I personally thought that the flavours used in Meiji Poifull was a bit 50/50 – I had two favourite flavours and two flavours I didn’t like.   Here my thoughts on the four flavours – I even popped their Japanese translation at the side of it so you could learn something new today!

Raspberry (ラズベリー): Mmm, this was a lovely flavour.  The raspberry taste reminded me of the sweet flavour you get in raspberry flavoured yoghurts, and I could have eaten lots of this particular variety.

Apple (りんご):   This was a generic apple flavour found in most apple-flavoured sweets, and I personally thought that it was bordering on too sweet at times.

Lemon (レモン): My favourite flavour in the pack.  This was a sweet lemon flavour that surprisingly was not as bitter as the apple.  This was another one that I could eat lots of.

Grape (グレープ):  My least favourite flavour out of the pack.  It is the traditional muscat flavour you get in grape-flavoured candies, but I thought it was too much for me on it’s own.

Would I buy these again?  No, I wouldn’t.   Whilst it has been nice to dip in and out of them whilst the box has been sat on my desk, it isn’t a product I would crave desperately or miss having around.   I think it’s about time I tried something savoury for the blog… into the stash I go!

Are you a fan of the humble jelly bean?  Would you give these a go?

Dannie x

March 9, 2015
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  • Reply Pinkuiropixie

    I’d give them a go! Although I’d give the grape one to Mr, he loves grape flavoured drinks and candy! And my cat Humbug keeps rubbing his face on the pic so I think he’d give them a go too! ^^

    Pinkuiropixie X

    March 9, 2015 at 6:21 pm
  • Reply Jessica Edmunds

    I love the sound of the raspberry and lemon ones. however I am glad you said about the texture being different to our jelly beans and what flavours to avoid PLUS how the flavours are labelled wrong haha, always good to read a review on things like this I think xxx

    March 9, 2015 at 9:56 pm
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