Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit

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Hello!  I was all set to tackle a difficult DIY candy kit earlier, but after watching the Game of Thrones finale that motivation has flown out of the window.  My brain huuuurts.   All is not lost however, as the Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit is here to save the day.

Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit - Famous in Japan

Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit

$1.99 – OyatsuCafe

I might have said this about other kits in the past before, but I honestly think that the Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit could be the easiest DIY candy kit ever.  No water, no fuss – simply stick one gummy to another to make a sushi style gummy.

There are three flavours of gummy in this kit; banana, lemon and peach.  The “rice” part is banana flavour, and the “toppings” are peach and lemon flavour.

Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit -- Famous in Japan

The kit consists of a thin sheet containing the gummies.   Seriously, this is all of it!   You have 14 gummies that can make 7 combinations.   The toppings are in the shape of common sushi toppings such as tuna, shrimp and octopus.

To get the gummies out, you peel away the top sheet of plastic, and then push the gummies out.   This is not easy as the gummies are very sticky.  Not only are they stuck inside the packaging, but some of the gummies (the rice parts in particular) are stuck together!  They require a good tug to pull them free from one another.  There is no point holding on to each other gummies, I am going to eat you!

If you were to give this kit to children, I would advise removing all of the gummies from the packet, and perhaps putting them on a separate plate.  It would make it easier for them to create their sushi gummies without any grumbles.

Meiji Niginigi Osushiyasan Gummy DIY Kit --- Famous in Japan

You can see in the above picture where I have had to tear the gummy away from another one.  Not quite Pinterest worthy are they?

The gummies are soft and easy to chew.  My favourite gummy is the rice part.  The banana taste is a little artificial, but not overpowering.  The peach and lemon flavour seem to be similar in taste.  I found it hard to distinguish between flavours, as they were both “fruity” in a generic sense and very sweet (I’m still not sure which flavour was which!).   When a rice part and a topping part is combined however,  I think there is a good balance between the two flavours.  It’s almost as if the banana flavour has been deliberately toned down to balance out the sweetness of the lemon/peach flavour… just like rice does in actual sushi! *feels clever*

Even though this kit was very cute, and easy to do, I am not sure I would buy it again.  It seemed to be over before I knew it, compared to other kits that genuinely keep me entertained for a few minutes.  For me, there wasn’t enough of the gummies to eat, particularly the red toppings, and I feel that this stopped me from being able to enjoy the kit fully.

I’m hoping my motivation will return to me soon so that I can share with you all some of the more difficult DIY candy kits.  As long as I stop getting emotionally invested in TV shows I should be ok…

Dannie x

June 16, 2015
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