Lotte Toppo – Matcha Milk

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Hello!  Today’s Japanese confectionery post is about a product that has been in the stash for too long; the Lotte Toppo – Matcha Milk.

Lotte Toppo Matcha Milk - Famous in Japan

Lotte Toppo – Matcha Milk

The Lotte Toppo – Matcha Milk arrived into my life via a huge parcel swap with Nicole – do you remember that one?  Cor, blimey!

Lotte Toppo are often called the “reverse Pocky”; the filling is inside the stick instead of coating it.  Just like Pocky, there are many flavours of Toppo and it is a popular snack.

Lotte Toppo Matcha Milk -- Famous in Japan

The sticks are foil-wrapped in two packets, and there is a generous amount in each.

Lotte Toppo Matcha Milk --- Famous in Japan

The scent of these sticks reminded me of a mixture of matcha and strangely, digestive biscuits!  You can see the  matcha milk cream filling poking out slightly in the above picture, and I can confirm the stick is filled from top to bottom.

The matcha milk cream filling reminded me slightly of the taste of a green tea Kit Kat, but I would say that this had an even sweeter, milkier taste.  Matcha, a finely ground powder of green tea leaves, usually adds a touch of bitterness, but that taste is nowhere to be found here.  In fact, the matcha taste isn’t that noticeable, and I think many people would not have noticed.

The stick themselves feel a lot thicker compared to Pocky and to me, they have more of a crunch.  They feel more satisfying than Pocky, and I think these would make a great snack for on the go.  Overall I think there is a good balance between the biscuit and the filling.

I really enjoyed my first try of Lotte Toppo; they quickly became quite addictive!  I am glad they came in two separate packets or else I would have eaten them all before I had even started this review.   This is happening far too often lately!

I feel this could be the start of a Toppo obsession.. Have you ever tried Toppo before?  Do you have any flavour recommendations for me?

Dannie x

June 25, 2015
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