Hi-Chew – Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon

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Hello!  Today’s post is about an unusual twist on a Japanese classic.  I’m talking about the Hi-Chew Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon candies of course!

Hi-Chew - Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon - Famous in Japan

Hi-Chew – Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon

£1.29 – OyatsuCafe

I am familiar with Hi-Chew candies, having tried them before in the past (I think it was even before the blog!).    Hi Chew-are soft, chewy, fruit flavoured candies.  It’s a little bit of a Japanese “cult” classic; created in 1975 as a sweet alternative to chewing gum.  Hi-Chew has had over 100 different flavours and varieties created over the years, such as cola, apple, peach, yoghurt.  I would point out that in general Hi-Chew is not kosher, halal or suitable for vegetarians.

This particular variety of Hi-Chew boasts a sour lemon flavour, containing hardened sugar bits  that also have a sour lemon flavour themselves.  This limited edition flavour came into my life via my OyatsuBox where else?

Hi-Chew - Suppai-Chew Sour Lemon - Famous in JapanHi-Chew candies comes individually wrapped in silver packaging featuring cartoon faces and writing.  As a struggling learner, I immensely appreciate the hiragana being above the kanji (although to then find out what the sentence means is another story entirely…).

The candy itself is very soft, and I could sink my teeth into it easily.  Hi-Chew were designed to have a texture similar to bubblegum and I would agree.  The hardened sugar crystals are tiny, but they should not be underestimated.   They add a satisfying soft crunch to a very chewy candy.   I’ve been having trouble with my wisdom teeth lately, and I was worried that trying these candy would aggravate them further.  Luckily, it hasn’t, and I can indulge in these candies without worry.

Turning to the lemon flavour now; it IS sour, but not as bad as I was anticipating.  It is a sour taste, but it is also sweet in a weird way.   I think that this sweetness takes away any telltale artificial aftertaste, as the lemon taste does linger slightly after you have finished eating the candy.  I can imagine some people finding these sweets terribly addictive, but for me one candy every few hours or so is enough.    I definitely wouldn’t be able to sit there and eat an entire packet like I can do with some candies… *cough* Fujiya Milky Box *cough*

I would repurchase this particular variety of Hi-Chew again in the future.  They’re a definite change from the usual Hi-Chew flavours, and they would also be a great gift for a friend (I already have some people in mind!).   I better hurry up and stockpile a few packets though; with these being limited edition I don’t see them hanging around for long…

Have you ever tried Hi-Chew?

Dannie x

July 12, 2015
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