Happy Nikukyu – Grape

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Hello!   I realised it had been a long time since I had reviewed some gummies so I thought I had better remedy that, pronto!  Today’s post is about some rather unusual gummies; the Happy Nikukyu – Grape.

Happy Nikukyu Grape - Famous in Japan

Happy Nikukyu – Grape

These paw-shaped gummies were a gift from Alanna in our parcel swap.  I didn’t know this, but “Nikukyu” is the Japanese term for the padding on a kitten’s paws.

Happy Nikukyu Grape -- Famous in Japan

As per usual, the gummies come housed in a resealable foil packet.  I received about 10 gummies in my pack, with two “big” gummies and the rest of them being a normal gummy size.

I didn’t realise these gummies would be grape flavoured until I opened them.  The purple packaging with a small bunch of grapes on the front should have been an obvious clue *facepalm*.   It is the typical grape taste I have come to expect with Japanese sweets.  The grape taste isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t linger for too long thankfully.

The gummies themselves are soft and chewy.   They are covered in a super fine dusting of sugar.   Despite my initial reservations about the grape flavour, the gummies ended up being enjoyable and oddly moreish.

These gummies are so cute and I have grown rather fond of them, especially now I have eaten them all!  I liked them more than I thought I would.  I would be keen to try out the peach flavour – I bet that variety would be even more enjoyable – but I would also be open to repurchasing the grape flavour too.

The Happy Nikukyu gummies are out of stock on my usual websites of choice at the moment.  I have managed to find them on JList if you were desperate to try them.  I haven’t ordered anything from JList personally so I can’t vouch for its service, but I understand from others it is reliable.   I can imagine these being a great gift for the cat lady in your life (I kid, I kid).

Would you try these gummies?

Dannie x

July 27, 2015
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