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Hello! Today’s post is all about an item I was literally (yes, LITERALLY) craving for weeks on end; the Giant Caplico Chocolate Bomber.

Giant Caplico Chocolate Bomber - Famous in Japan

Giant Caplico – Chocolate Bomber

I received this intriguing item in an OyatsuBox – where else? *chuckles*  It was described by OyatsuBox as an “ice cream cone shaped snack that is made of wafer and chocolate”.  After reading that description, I could not wait to open it.  Seriously, it’s all I thought about.  You can imagine my happiness when I found a spare hour in my day to sit down and finally try it.

This particular variety features characters of Yokai Watch on the packaging.  From what I have read, Yokai Watch is a game that has a similar premise to Pokemon – you befriend “Yo-Kai” and use them to battle other Yo-Kai.  Sadly, the game has not been released in the UK yet, and my 3DS cannot support a Japanese import.  Fingers crossed it arrives on our shores soon…

Giant Caplico Chocolate Bomber -- Famous in Japan

I peeled open the packaging and instantly I was greeted with the wonderful smell of chocolate.  It actually reminded me of my favourite chocolates ever, Meiji Meltykiss.  I was worried at first that it had smashed to bits in transit, but luckily for me it was all in one piece.  For now. *evil laugh*

As you can see from my pictures, it really is shaped like an ice cream cone.  There is a milk chocolate layer on top of the cone that you really have to sink my teeth in to to break it, but once you do it you’ll enter into chocolate heaven.  It is so chocolate-y and wonderful.  From the first bite, I was in love.  My thoughts from that first bite were “mmm delicious”.

The chocolate is aerated; bubbly chocolate similar to our English Wispa/Aero offerings.  I thought the chocolate was of good quality; it had a sweet, creamy taste.   The top layer is white chocolate, with milk chocolate making up the centre, and continuing all the way down the cone.   You don’t get that in a normal ice cream nowadays, do you?  The wafer cone is quite crumbly and messy – hence the Hello Kitty bedding used as a background!  I think that the wafer helped to stop the chocolate from becoming too much, and it added a contrasting texture to the bubbly chocolate.

I would have tried to make my pictures a little more professional looking, but I became like a person possessed.  I didn’t even want to put it down for 30 seconds to take a photograph!

I definitely would buy this variety of Giant Caplico again.  I absolutely loved it.  I have two more varieties of Giant Caplico to try – a Sweet Potato offering that I received from Alanna, and a Cookies and Cream one too (once again, received from an OyatsuBox!).  I will definitely blog about the Sweet Potato offering soon; its beginning to call my name…

 Would you ever try a Giant Caplico?

Dannie x

April 12, 2015
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