Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit – Popsicle

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Hello!  After the disaster that was the Coris Choco Kinako Mochi DIY Candy Kit, I was desperate to regain my confidence in my ability to do DIY Candy Kits.  I turned to the easiest one in my stash; the Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit – Popsicle.

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit - Popsicle - Famous in Japan

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit – Popsicle

£1.92 – OyatsuCafe

Once again, if you are having some serious ~deja vu~ it is because this DIY kit is virtually identical to the Chocolate Banana and Candy Apple kits I have shared with you in the past.  No water, no microwaves, no stresssimply dip a piece of candy into flavoured syrups for a teeth rotting treat.

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit - Popsicle -- Famous in Japan

You will receive a simple plastic tray, four cubes of soft candy, a packet of syrup, a packet of sugar and four wooden sticks.  The packet is foil and sealed up tight so I wasn’t concerned about the freshness of the candy.  I was surprised however to see how clear the syrup was; I was expecting a bright blue colour.  That’s false advertising… *grumbles*

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit - Popsicle -Step 1 - Famous in Japan

Step 1!  Empty the syrup and powder into their sections of the tray.  Believe it or not, I managed to empty the syrup and powder without making a mess *pats self on the back*.

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit - Popsicle -Step 2 - Famous in Japan

Step 2!  Place a piece of soft candy on to the wooden stick to make a popsicle.  This required a bit of strength to push it on to the stick.  You can then dip it into the syrup.

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit - Popsicle -Step 3 - Famous in Japan

Step 3!  Dip your syrup covered popsicle into the powder and enjoy!

Coris Horadekita DIY Candy Kit -- Famous in Japan

This kit overall was a very sugary treat; all I could think whilst eating was “my poor teeth!“.  There seems to be sugar in the soft candy too, giving the candy a slight crunch whilst chewing.

You receive four pieces of candy, with two being ramune flavour and two being strawberry.  They were both enjoyable.  Ramune, a Japanese flavour I liken to a mixture of lemonade and a bubblegum, is one of my favourite flavours ever so it’s always a winner with me.  The strawberry flavour was quite subtle and not as sweet as I was expecting.   The candy pieces could do with being smaller and there being more included in the kit.  Four isn’t enough, as there is still a generous amount of syrup and powder left over once the soft candy has been eaten.

The clear syrup was rather odd. It was slightly minty – it made my mouth feel cold and fresh; I don’t know how to describe it!  It didn’t seem to have much of a flavour.   The powder was also quite strange.  It was definitely a sugar of some sort, but that too made my mouth feel cold and fresh.  When I think about it, it is clever how they can make your mouth feel like you’ve had a cold popsicle when you actually haven’t!

Even though it was fun to do, I wouldn’t buy this DIY candy kit again.  It was too sweet for me and for my poor teeth.  I wouldn’t recommend giving this kit to young children unless you want them to be buzzing out of their little trees.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to go brush my teeth for about two hours…

Would you give this DIY candy kit a go?

Dannie x

July 26, 2015
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  • Reply Chelsea

    Yeah, I’d disown anyone if they gave this to Dylan. Can you imagine?! D: D: D: D: xxx

    August 11, 2015 at 9:37 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      I might give it to Dylan… ;)

      September 15, 2015 at 8:27 pm

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