Review: VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo

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Another day, another dry shampoo on Trial.  I’m still yet to find the perfect one for me, one that makes shampooing obsolete… (ok, ok that was a bit gross I do apologise).

They say:

VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo- look & feel refreshed between washes!

VO5 Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo has been developed with extract of white tea to:

  • Leave your hair looking & feeling clean & fresh
  • Revive dull & lifeless hair (perfect when going straight out after a long day!)
  • Banish greasy roots

Now you can skip a wash and still look perfectly pampered!

I say:

I think this is my fourth brand of dry shampoo that I’ve now tried (Tresemme, Lee Stafford and Superdrug own).  I’m slowly working my way down the aisles of Boots/Superdrug and I usually pick up whichever is on offer (then I don’t feel as bad if it doesn’t work).

I’ve seen a lot of love for VO5 on blogs lately (and of course the most IRRITATING television adverts.  I do not give a **** if your boyfriend’s beard is weird! #rage) (what have I told you about hashtagging on websites that aren’t Twitter?!) so I felt they were kind of getting it right… and that this would be the dry shampoo for me.

Sadly, it’s not.  It doesn’t take much of the oily feeling out of my hair, instead making it feel heavy and coated no matter how much I massage and brush it through. I’ve followed the instructions on the bottle to a T and it just doesn’t have the effect it claims.  It just doesn’t make my hair feel clean-ish (I generally use dry shampoos on the morning of the day that I am washing my hair).   On a positive note, it doesn’t leave white residue (yay!) and it is really good for giving volume to hair if you use it as a styling spray on clean hair in that regard.

I think the next product on my hit list is the Tresemme Mousse Hair Refresher (not sure of the actual name but I hope you know which one I am on about!).  It seems that I’m just not getting on with the spray on dry shampoos so perhaps a change of formulation will sort out my barnet!

What is your favourite dry shampoo/hair refresher?

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December 19, 2012
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