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My natural & cruelty free month is beginning to get started.  Here is the first of my reviews of my favourite products from one of my favourite brands, Naked Bodycare. (Expect to see this brand pop up a lot this month! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)


They say:

When the heat is on, you need to keep your cool. This spray radically reduces damaging effects of thermal styling heat up to 220C, whilst delivering impressive hold and improving the condition of the hair cuticle. So whether you’re blow drying, crimping, straightening or curling your tresses, this beauty of a product acts like a little guardian angel – and we could all do with one of those. 

Do it Naked style – our silicone-free formulations allow product junkies the freedom to style hair without synthetic product build up, which can damage the hair causing weakness and loss of natural sheen. 

Vegetarian friendly. Sorry – not suitable for vegans.

I say:

Who here hates product build up? *puts own hand up*

You’re a pest, silicone:  weighing my hair down, dulling the shine and even causing it to break under your weight.  Seriously silicone, I bet yo mama so fat she can’t even jump to a conclusion.

After cutting all my (damaged) hair off but yet begrudgingly having to crawl on my hands and knees back to my ghds (oh, they didn’t half make me grovel) (#curlyhairproblems) I knew I had to really start looking after my hair.  Whilst I had loved the softness my John Frieda spray gave me, it wasn’t actually protecting my hair as well as I thought it was.  Since I had loved the Naked Shine Shampoo & Conditioner, I went back to Boots (when am I never NOT in Boots, that’s the real question here..) and popped this in my basket.

The Naked Style Heat Defender Heat Protection Spray promises to radically reduce damaging effects of thermal styling heat up to 220C, whilst delivering impressive hold and improving the condition of the hair cuticle”.  

Since using this I have noticed my hair is in much better condition.  My hair feels soft, looks very shiny indeed and my hair stays reasonably straight (with this winter madness in Spring you can’t really expect miracles).  It really does transform my mop of curls to super sleek locks. 

This magic ingredient here is panthenol.  This is added to haircare as, like silicone, it coats the hair, helping it to hold a style.  I personally find that my hair looks so much shinier and healthier since I’ve started using it.  Whilst it does not repair hair (as hair is already dead), it does help hair to retain moisture in the cortex and on the surface –   when you’re frazzling your poor ends it need all the help it can get.

The smell isn’t overly perfumed, but neither is it LUSH-level overpowering (#sorrynotsorry).  I would say perhaps pick up a bottle yourself and have a sniff as it’s not something that little old me can describe!

If you are a heat using, gun-toting style junkie like me I would recommend this to you as it’s fab for everyday use.  It’s also great if you fancy switching up your look halfway through styling, as no silicones mean no build up!  Even though I proclaimed my love for the John Frieda spray, I think that this is definitely The One for me.  Naked Bodycare are slowly but surely infiltrating my hair regime and I think I like it!  I will give this a 5/5 as I can see myself purchasing this regularly. 

Wait a minute I hear you ask.  Even though Naked products are 97% natural, are they Cruelty Free and/or BUAV approved?


You can buy this for £4.99 at Boots and online at Naked Bodycare. (I tend to buy Naked products at Boots when it is either 3 for 2 or 2 for £6 but if you order online from their website you get free delivery on orders over £20.  Leaving the house is soooo 2008).

Have you tried this spray?  Is it maybe something you might consider using?

Thanks for reading!

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April 5, 2013
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  • Reply Milena

    You should try the Karmin Spray Heat Protector

    April 14, 2016 at 2:52 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      I’ll have to see where I can get that! x

      April 28, 2016 at 8:23 pm

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