Review: Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask

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*deep breath*

I’ve recently had all my hair snipped off – yikes! It was damaged, looking dull and in all honesty I needed to start again.  Can this deep treatment mask keep up the hard work?

They say:

Intensive mask leaves hair revitalised, and feeling stronger and nourished from root to tip. Hair looks lustrous, and feels smoother and silkier.

I say:

I know what you’re thinking – HANG ON LUV AREN’T YOU MEANT TO BE SULPHATE, SILICONE, PARABEN FREE?!  WHAT’S GOING ON ‘ERE? (for some reason I imagine your inner voices to sound like mine: Yorkshire and confused).  I bought this hair mask along with the accompanying oil from the same range (review here) and I used them together.  I wasn’t sure whether it was the oil that was doing the work, and this one was slacking off, so I took a break from t’oil (eyup, the Yorkshire is back!) and incorporated this into my regime.  (I have a set regime when it comes to my bath products*SPOILER ALERT* – posts coming soon!)

The mask itself has the same smell as the oil (and pretty much any of the Avon Advance Techniques range…isn’t it strange how & why they do that…).  

It’s a really thick mask that does take a slight amount of squeezing to get out of the tube and dispense.  It feels almost balm-y in formulation and, after squeezing out excess water, I coat my hair in this and comb it through – from root to tip! (It’s probably the best beauty tip ever!)

It leaves my hair feeling good. REALLY good in fact! It feels softer, stronger and it shines (bright like a diamond?).

I’ve used this on my long curly hair and I have used this YESTERDAY on my short straight hair.  Believe it or not, the good blogger in me REMEMBERED to take pictures! *pats self on back* (I knew it was in me somewhere) (THATSWHATSHESAID)

Curly hair: I found that this encouraged my natural curls to form and take shape.  I kid you not,  I left my hair to air dry and this is what happened!  Talk about saving time in the morning… *hits snooze repeatedly*

Straight hair: Probably not as impressive as the curly hair, but it’s still shiny!

I know it’s not the most natural product in the worldupon perusing the ingredients list my little eye definitely spied a paraben and a few silicones, but hey when it looks and feels this good I could turn a blind eye…

And the best thing about this product (it gets better!) isthe price!

At full price its £5.50, which is a BARGAIN, and on offer it’s about £3/£3.50. I actually bought another tube of this halfway through my first one (eager beaver) and I’m considering bulk buying a few whilst it’s still on offer!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to treat her hair to something good whilst on a budget – I think my only complaint would be that I use it up too quick!

Meanwhile in the distance, an Avon lady is rubbing her hands in glee…

x x x

January 21, 2013
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