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Hello!  Oh it has been a while since I attended a blogger event in Leeds.  I am quite the blogger hermit.  Anywho, an invitation to meet with Oriflame for the launch of “The One” make up range was too hard to resist.  Gary Cockerill was going to be there!  (more on that below…)

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The event was held in the uber-stylish The Living Room in Leeds which is actually just a few streets away from where I work!  Whilst we were learning all about Oriflame and sharing beauty tips, they kept us all fed and watered with plenty of refreshments and food such as delicious mini burgers, chips, fish fingers, chicken and a quiche-imposter.  My only criticism is that the air conditioning was broken which meant I had a severe case of sweaty legs and the crushing paranoia that I was going to stick to the leather sofa.  I would love to go to another event there.

Oriflame Blogger Event -2- Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Mmm, delicious cupcake!

Oriflame Blogger Event -3- Famous in Japan, UK Blog


Oriflame Blogger Event -4- Famous in Japan, UK Blog

 Lipglosses that smelled like WATERMELON!

Oriflame Blogger Event -5- Famous in Japan, UK Blog

So the idea behind “The One” Collection, explained Gary, is that Oriflame took some of their products… and made them better.  Foundations that lasted longer, eyeshadows that were brighter, mascaras that gave more volume… It was all about improving.  I did try to take some photographs of Gary but in all my pictures he is either blurry or his eyes are shut, so I won’t upload them.   It was really nice to meet Gary in person; he is actually a Yorkshire man himself and despite him being on television more times than I’ve had hot dinners he is down to earth and approachable.  My mum really wanted me to take a “selfie” with him (who is teaching my mum these words?!) but it was SO hot by the end of the event I just had to get out and unpeel myself from the leather sofa.  I’m sure when I am a huge star I will meet him again – ha!

What am I even rambling on about?  I haven’t even introduced Oriflame.  Now, you are probably sat there scratching your lil’ noggins as it’s more than likely you haven’t heard about Oriflame.  Fear not; I hadn’t heard of Oriflame before I started blogging either.  This has been said countless times but Oriflame are like a Swedish version of Avon; they even have similar looking  catalogues and the option of buying through a representative or selling Oriflame as a representative.   Overseas, Oriflame are a household name, but in good ol’ Blighty they’re not that well known.  Oriflame are hoping to change that with the appointment of Gary Cockerill as an ambassador for “The One” collection.

Oriflame Blogger Event -6- Famous in Japan, UK Blog

We were all gifted a goody bag with some of the new products from The One range.  I received a mascara, two liquid eyeliners, a cream eyeshadow, a nail varnish and a lipstick.   I have tried the eyeliner and mascara and I have to say my first impressions are good!  The eyeliners are definitely my favourite product so far – thank you for mistakenly giving me two, Oriflame!

Of course I have to give some shoutouts to my blogger friends!  Special mentions to Michelle and Terri who I met for the first time (yay!) and it is always a pleasure to see Kel, Simone, Sharon, Kellie, Toni, Sammi, Yuna, Ellie, Steph and Katie.  I didn’t get chance to speak to Kirstie for which I am kicking myself (yes, I did see you there!).  There was definitely a  lot more of us at this event; sadly I didn’t really get a chance to speak to the new faces.  Make yourselves known to me!

I want to say a big thank you to Oriflame and their lovely folk from Faith PR  for putting on such a lovely event; going the extra mile to keep us all happy.  I also want to say thank you to The Living Room in Leeds for again looking after us the best you could and I also have to thank Gary for coming “up North” (although I’m sure it was nice for him to be back in God’s Own County surrounded by the dulcet tones of Yorkshire folk).

I’m quite excited to start dabbling in the world of Oriflame and I will definitely be blogging about my discoveries.  Have a pop on over to their site and have a look around (and do let me know if you see something you like!)

Danniella x


May 20, 2014
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