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Ahoyhoy!  I hope you are all having a good Saturday; I personally just watched 8 episodes of How I Met Your Mother in a row.  I regret nothing.   Today I’m talking about something I’ve had quite a while now, but I desperately need to tell you about them – behold the Nanshy Eye Brush Set.

Nanshy Eye Brush Set - Famous in Japan

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

£29.95 at Amazon & BeautyStore4U

They say: 

Health, Beauty, and Ease – Nanshy Eye Brush Set have it all. There are no trade-offs.

This set of Nanshy eye brushes features high quality, synthetic, vegan, cruelty free, antibacterial brushes that give you a flawless application!  Approved by because they’re 100% Vegan, and Cruelty Free! Professional quality brushes for your eyes, brows and lips too, if you like. The Nanshy Eye Brush Set features specialised design, in shape and contour, seven (7) distinct makeup brushes for creating your polished, complete, and natural look! Any level of artistry, this cosmetic brush set will make an immense difference in your make-up application. Made from synthetic hair, on extremely comfortable handles, the bristles are silky soft on top, yet durably firm on the bottom.

I say:

I received this set waaay back in October after I responded (I think!) to a tweet from Nanshy from people to try their brushes.  After I had seen positive reviews from other bloggers I was a little sceptical.    Could they really be that good?

Nanshy Eye Brush Set - Famous in Japan Blog

Nanshy Eye Brush Set -2- Famous in Japan Blog

Nanshy Eye Brush Set -3- Famous in Japan Blog

The Nanshy Eye Brush Set comprises of 7 brushes: Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush, Angled Detailer Brush, Flat Definer Brush, Blending Eyeshadow Brush, Eye Crease Brush, Tapered Crease Brush and the Large Shader Brush.   All of these brushes are antibacterial and synthetic; this means that they are cruelty free and suitable for vegans (yay!).  They are all so soft and do not scratch in the absolute slightest; they actually feel quite nice and gentle.  They have never irritated my eyes like other cheap versions have done in the past.

I personally love the labelling on the handles of the brushes, as I can see what brush I need at what time (I am useless at this ol’ eyeshadow thing!).  I have experienced the smallest of shedding since I received these, and this has been down to my overzealous washing.  They are not heavy, but they are not flimsy light either.

My favourites from this set are the Large Shader Brush, the Flat Definer, the Angled Definer and the Eye Crease Brush.    The Large Shader Brush is perfect for setting up your base colour; the bristles are so densely packed it means that you pick up the right amount of eyeshadow without making a mess!  I use the Angled Definer for my eyebrows as it’s much thinner than other brow brushes so I can be more careful about defining the shape – more often than not other brushes give me “the slugs”.   The Flat Definer is one I can use to experiment with liquid and gel eyeliner as the flat top means I can sort of “dab” it on in small lines to join them up.   If I want to add a little definition to my eyes, I use the Eye Crease Brush just to pat some colour towards the outer end of my eye.

Can they really be that good?  Yes, yes they are.  When I met up with Kel and Hayley last year, we were nattering about these brushes and we all simultaneously agreed how good they were.   I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to try them out and see for myself why they have so much well deserved hype.  They make me want to be more experimental with make up.  I understand that at nearly the £30 mark, they may be out of reach for some, but I would recommend these over any other eye set.  For £29.95, you get every brush you could ever need for an eye make up look.  If you feel you need to spend £20 on one brush from MAC to have great eye make up, you are wrong; you need this set.

Would you try Nanshy Brushes?

Danniella x

Nanshy Eye Brush Set sent for consideration of review. No further compensation received.

February 15, 2014
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