My Natural & Cruelty Free Month Starts HEEEYAAAAAA!

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From today, throughout April, all my reviews and general rambles will feature natural and/or cruelty free products.  I was inspired to start this series by Laura and Lindsey.   Lindsey asked me to do a post about BUAV approved companies and Laura wanted natural products that didn’t cost the earth (and didn’t harm her health!)

Now the products I will be talking about won’t be ridiculously expensive or hard to find.  I wanted to talk about products that you can go out and buy right now.  There is a misconception that natural/cruelty free = hard to find and expensive – not at all!  With the EU ban coming into force, natural/cruelty free products are becoming more widely available than ever before. 

I really hope you enjoy this series!

Of course, if there is anything that you would like to see on this blog you can always drop me a line in my ask box.

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April 3, 2013
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