Milk_Shake Active Milk Mask

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milk_shake active milk mask, famous in japan, uk beauty blog

I think I’m doing quite well with #BlogYourSocksOffSeptember, don’t you?

milk_shake active milk mask, famous in japan, uk beauty blog

They say:

A rich mask based on milk proteins, rice and avocado oils, hydrating agents, vitamin E and the Integrity 41, deeply nourish and reinforce dry or damaged hair.

I say:

As I hardcore abuser of ghds, my hair needs lots of TLC (no, not Honey Boo Boo; tender loving care.  Although can I just take this moment to brag that Mama June follows me on Twitter? #lifemade).  I am quite pedantic about always having a hair mask in my stash; at the moment I have four including this one…

As part of my blogger partnership with HairTrade, I choose one item per month to review.  I think when I chose the milk_shake active milk mask, my hair was in a pretty bad state (i.e awful!)

The milk_shake active milk mask claims to both repair and moisturise dry and damaged hair; with milk proteins binding to the hair structure, avocado, rice oils and honey extracts conditioning the hair shaft and Integrity 41 – milk_shake’s exclusive patented complex of anti-oxidants – improving and extending colour duration.  Wow, that was a mouthful!

First, let’s talk about the smell.  If I said to you, “hey this smells like milk”, what image do you mentally picture?  That’s right, you picture sour, stinky, putrid smelling milk.  I’m with you on that one.  T’other day I was casually eating my bowl of cereal and I twitched…

Milk went all over me… and my mum’s borrowed cardigan… ooooops…

However, with this mask you can throw those awful assumptions out of the window.   This mask has a delectably sweet, milky, caramel scent with a thick creamy texture that turns oily to touch when distributing through the hair.  If you have thin, fine hair then I would recommend about a 50p blob on the ends of your hair to avoid it being weighed down.  If your hair is seriously coarse & damaged (like mine) then you can get away with going a bit mental and using it all over the hair.  However you decide to use it, remember to comb through with a wide toothed comb to make your hair super soft.

The milk_shake active milk mask is an intensive treatment that gives noticeable results.  My hair feels smooth, it appears thicker and there is some healthy shine happening on my barnet.  I would however stress that nothing can repair dead hair; if your hair is badly damaged then get yourself to a hairdressers.  The longer you leave damaged hair, the more the damage will spread up the hair, leading to more inches being cut off.  

milk_shake is a professional salon brand and will not be found in Boots or Superdrug.  Of course, you can always buy it from Hairtrade*cheeky wink*

What tips would you share for damaged hair?

Danniella x x x

milk_shake active milk mask provided for review purposes as part of my blogger partnership with HairTrade.   No further compensation received.

September 7, 2013
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