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Hello!  I’m handing over my blog to my mum today (not literally, mind – you need a degree to understand some of my mum’s texts) to talk to you about the Magnitone Pulsar.   As the Day of Mothers approaches, Magnitone asked me if I could let you all have a little update as to how me and my mum have been getting on – with emphasis on the mum.  I managed to get my mum to sit down for 5 minutes to answer some questions.

If you want to know how I have been getting on with it, you can read my first impressionsmy first week update and what my skin was like when I stopped the Magnitone Pulsar.

Magnitone Pulsar Set

What My Mum Said:

(With my commentary underneath!)

  • I like using it, although the battery does not last very long.  It often cuts out when I am using it which is annoying.

This is due to me not giving it a full 24 hours before the first use – what can I say, I was an eager beaver!  If you invest in one yourself, please learn from our mistakes and give it a full 24 hour charge before you begin to use it.  Just in case you are wondering, the Magnitone does not just “cut out” without warning; it does beep when the battery is low.  I would have to agree that the battery issue is annoying, but it is my fault for not being patient.  After consulting the user guide, I should be charging it for 75 minutes for a day’s use, or 15 hours for 3 weeks of use – noted!

  • My moisturiser sinks in quicker and it feels like it sinks in deeper.

In case you were wondering, my mum uses the Clinique Dramatically Different + Lotion.  I would also agree with my mum that my moisturiser goes on better when I have been using the Pulsar.  My make up always looks better too.

  • My skin feels soft and tight after use, which I like.
  • I have seen a difference in my skin, around the jaw and chin area.  My skin is a lot smoother now.  
  • It feels relaxing.
  • I don’t like using it more than once per day as sometimes it can be too much for my skin.  Sometimes it is alright, and other times it feels hard on my skin.
  • I don’t think you could use it for more than 2 minutes at a time.

I told my mum the aim of the game was to use it twice per day for two minutes each time to which she said – you can’t do that, you will have no face left.  I asked her to elaborate, she said – I think it would be too much to use it that like that.  Once a day is fine but twice a day every day is too much.  When my mum says that it feels hard on her skin, she is talking about the bristles.  I would agree that sometimes the bristles can feel hard, but once you have ran the brush head under warm/hot water they begin to soften.   It should also be noted that you should clean the brush head like you would any other brush such as make up brushes.  Clean with warm water, squeeze out the excess water as best you can and then leave to air dry.

  • I like to use it when I’m in the bath.  If it is at the side of the bath I will use it but I wouldn’t get out of the bath to go and get it if it wasn’t there.  

Like I have said in my other posts, my mum isn’t the beauty fanatic I am – she doesn’t believe in drinking 2L of water per day, she doesn’t cleanse and she uses sunbeds; the fact that she even agreed to using the Pulsar is a BIG deal.

  • I think it is better than a cheaper version we have, but for me it is expensive.  I would pay around £80. 

I raised the point that the Clarisonic was around £180 and the Magnitone Pulsar was around £130, and the Pulsar has the Pulse Lift Massage Mode.  (The cheaper version she is referring to is the No.7 Cleansing Brush I bought absolutely ages ago.  I dug it out to show my mum the differences between the two; mainly the Pulsar is more skin focused and has better technology).   I also made the point that if you used the Pulsar every day, and you were serious about committing to it you were getting your money out of it, just like you do with expensive phones like the iPhone.  She said – “yeah, I suppose” but she still thought it was expensive.

  • I would recommend it – but I would recommend it to my friends my age.  I think they would get more benefit from it and it would work better for them.  I think you are too young to be using it every day. 

And finally, I asked her if she would continue to use it and she said – yes, I do enjoy using it.  It’s just annoying how you do not charge it.  

If you fancy treating your mum to a Magnitone Pulsar this Mother’s Day, they are currently half price at Boots, Superdrug or Amazon.  I think it would be worth picking them up whilst they are on the half price deal as you could always pretend to your mum that you paid full price… score some son/daughter points for those times when you really need some leverage!

Danniella x 

Magnitone Pulsar Cleansing Brush sent for trial and review. No further compensation received.

March 23, 2014
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