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Can I start off by saying I’m so sorry for going AWOL on you all last week – I had such an awful week at work and I couldn’t face sitting down and blogging.  As it’s Bank Holiday tomorrow (which means no work, yay!) my mood has considerably improved and the creative juices are flowing.


They say:

Almond and honey milks, oat extract, and our soft and frothy M-SUDS™ MoistureBoost system leave skin clean, supple and irresistibly scented. The next best thing to waking up to the smell of fresh baking is taking a shower with RICH & FOAMOUS™ Body Wash. Super creamy, ultra sudsy, conditioning on dry skin, it’s everything you ever wanted in a wash.

I say:

When I first began my blog, a lot of my first reviews were of Soap and Glory.  They’re not that brilliant; they were basically “er.. I like this!!!1″ or “err… I don’t like this!!1″ – go scroll through my archive and have a chuckle.  It’s on me.   I received this item in the Christmas sales in a set, which you can read about here.  I was eager as a beaver to sample the promise of product with an  “irresistible almond, oats and brown sugar” scent that was “super creamy and smoothing”.

What a disappointment.


The smell.  Oh my god, the smell.  I hate it.   As I’m not able to show you through expressive dance, here are some GIFs.



I know there are some bloggers who would probably sell their grandmother for the recipe for this smell, but nope, it”s not for me!  It’s just… ugh.  Oaty.  Overpoweringly oaty, like what would happen if you murdered a HobNob, went a bit cuckoo and decided to bottle the remains and sell it.   (Don’t sit there drooling, I said remains).

Turning to the product itself now, is it any good?

The product feels really soft in my hands; usually shower gels can feel too “artificial” and a bit plasticky so I’ll give it a point there.  But, alas, dear R&F, don’t get too attached to that point.

This stuff irritates; similar to the way that one person you said hello to at school once irritated you so much you blocked them on MSN and then pretended you weren’t online.   My poor legs didn’t bet on five layers of skin being clawed off due to the fact my legs itched and burned like ker-ray-zeh.  This even continued after I had hopped out of the tub! If you have eczema or any other skin complaint I would stay clear.

It’s not particularly “foamous” either.  When used with a shower puff it produces a good foam but shower puffs are such enablers they could make ketchup foam… maybe.  S&G claim you can pour this under the tap for a bubble bath but sadly nothing materialised apart from that burning feeling (on my legs…. not my biscuit, jeez).

This really isn’t a product I would repurchase; I barely tolerate using this one.  I’m just going to have to pour it all under the tap one day and get rid of it in one bath. 

What’s your favourite bath time product?  I need a new one!

x x x

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May 26, 2013
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