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Damn, Dannieback at it again with the subscription boxes.  On a slightly related note, do people still say that?  Am I late to that party?  Whilst you ponder that, let me tell you about a new subscription box that I couldn’t resist – Kira Kira Crate.


Kira Kira Crate November 2016

Unboxing, First Impressions and Review

Experience exciting beauty products you can only find in Japan every month. Crates include 6-8 full-size items to provide you with the best value.

Try a variety of different Japanese beauty products, from skincare to bath items, and we’ll always include information on how to use them.

Kira Kira Crates ship directly from Japan so you stay up-to-date on the latest Japanese beauty trends. Shipping is free worldwide.

A few months ago, I completed a survey ran by Japan Crate.  They were toying with the idea of creating a Japanese beauty and cosmetics crate, and wanted to gather feedback on the idea.  I submitted my thoughts, but assumed it would be at least a few months before they even considered the matter.  You can imagine my surprise when a few weeks later they announced Kira Kira Crate.

Of course, I just had to subscribe.  It is for the blog…


The name “Kira Kira” was actually a suggestion by someone who filled in the survey.  Even though I think “Kira Kira” means “glitter” (if I am wrong, please correct me!), it makes me think of Death Note…


The Kira Kira Crate contained a small booklet, detailing what the items were, how to use them, and even some tutorials at the back.

So… let’s have a closer look at what I received!


PureSmile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask

I have tried PureSmile face masks before, and I am a big fan!  They work well, and you can tell they are of good quality.  The Pure Smile Cherry Blossom Essence Mask boasts Vitamin E, collagen, arbutin and hyaluronic acidMy face is in for a treat!

Choosy Lip Pack: Peach

Another item I have tried before AND have reviewed (!) is the Choosy Lip Pack: Peach.  Due to this cold weather, I had actually been on the brink of ordering a few more of them. It seems Kira Kira Crate read my mind!


Hotto Mie Eye Mask

The Hotto Mie Eye Mask is a heated eye mask, that also looks like a costume mask.   Activated by air, this mask promises to help relax tense muscles and encourage natural tear production for those who suffer with dry eyes.  It also claims to have added collagen, hyalyronic acid and ceramides.  According to the booklet, these are a huge hit in Japan.  I’ve already tried one for myself at the time of writing – I’ll try to let you know my thoughts in a blog post soon!

Nonkuma x Hello Kitty Eye Patch

The second eye mask in this month’s box, and the Nonkuma x Hello Kitty Eye Patch claims to help break up congestion and refresh the skin with improved circulation  I also gave this eye mask a go but I’ll be honest, I didn’t find it to do much?  As I’m not sure if I even used it right, I’ll give it another go.

kira-kira-crate-november-2016-famous-in-japanNaive Peach Face Wash

A face wash that promises a sweet scent of peaches. I had been hunting for another face wash as my current one is running low, so I’m glad to receive this. From a few uses, I can say that this is a very concentrated face wash so only a small amount is required.  If you are rather generous, it can make the skin feel a little tight, but moisturiser quickly gets rid of the feeling.  It has a very subtle smell of peaches, which definitely helps to wake me up on a cold morning.

Super Exta Eyelashes

The Super Extra Eyelashes are a bit of a dud item for me.  I swear I’m the only person on earth that cannot master false eyelashes.  I’m tempted to give them a go but then again, I don’t want to waste a pair of eyelashes…

Yuzu Bath Tablets

The Yuzu Bath Tablets promise to transform your bath into a spa, with the citrus scent promising to refresh you I have tried Yuzu bath tablets before (not this particular brand) and I’l be honest, I don’t find sitting in yellow water relaxing… *coughs*

Family Honey Soap

The Family Honey Soap claims to use real honey essence and royal jelly extract to soften and cleanse your skin with a pleasant honey scent.  Despite it’s small size, it’s one of the heaviest items in the box, and I’m looking forward to using this.

What did I think?

I’m aware of the criticism regarding Kira Kira Crate, in particular the value of the items included compared to the cost of the crate.   I subscribed at full price ($29.99), and a few hours later saw that there was a discount code available!  Seeing this, I sent a rather disgruntled email to Japan Crate.  I  explained that I had filled in their original survey and I was disappointed that I wasn’t made aware of the discount code before subscribing.  Japan Crate emailed me back within 24-48 hours, refunded me the original price I paid and put through the subscription at the lower cost.  Thanks Japan Crate, and I am really sorry for my (slightly angry) email!

With the discount, I don’t think the price was too bad; I think it came to about £15-£16 overall.   At full price (£24ish) it is a little too expensive,  however I suppose its a way for people to discover Japanese cosmetics.  Once someone has had a few boxes and has a feel for what they like, and what they want to try more of, they can cancel the subscription and look at buying the products themselves.  It is hard to get hold of Japanese cosmetics if you are not particularly savvy, and even if you do buy them from a trusted seller, it can be hard to know what to try first!

I think for the first ever Kira Kira Crate it was a good, safe box.  I’m trying not to be too critical as it is the first ever Kira Kira Crate, but one suggestion I will offer is that the soaps and eyelashes should be added as a “bonus” item and not as a “main item”.  Hopefully we will see different items included once the box gains momentum and looks appealing to other brands to invest in.   I’m interested to see what happens from here, and what the future boxes will be like.  If you are wondering, yes, I have ordered the December box! 

Kira Kira Crate is a subscription box service brought to you by the Japan Crate team.  Every month, you will receive  6-8 full size items directly from Japan through a mix of four categories: Daily Care, Cosmetics, Pamper, and Bath & Spa.   Prices start at $29.99 per month including shipping, but check for a coupon code before committing as you could save yourself a few dollars.   The monthly price of the box goes down if you can commit to a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month prepaid subscription.  The boxes are shipped from Japan and take about two weeks to arrive.  They ship worldwide, and as a customer in the UK I did not have any custom charges to pay although I did have to trek to the post office to collect it as it wouldn’t fit through my letter box.

Would you subscribe to Kira Kira Crate?

Dannie x

December 25, 2016
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  • Reply Kristien

    The eye mask sounds great! I always have strained eyes from sitting at a computer desk +8hrs a day :(
    False eyelashes still scare me, I have no clue how to apply them without accidentally poking myself in the eye…

    December 26, 2016 at 9:35 am
  • Reply Kel

    This looks really fun!
    I’d be tempted but I’ve just rid the house of those pink boxes from me memebox obsession so I think I should stay well away from anything that might get out of hand! :D

    January 5, 2017 at 12:29 pm
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