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I must admit, I did use this month as an excuse to buy lots of shiny, new things.  This was one of them!

EcoTools are a brand passionate about being gorgeous, yet green.  Quoted as being a leader in eco-conscious beauty products, they take pride in offering cosmetic accessories that respect our little Earth.

I’ve always been intrigued by the EcoTools section in the Boots.  What made them different? 

Like Real Techniques, the EcoTools Bamboo Buffing Brush uses 100% cruelty free synthetic Taklon bristles that have been hand cut for custom coverage.

The ultra soft, flat top is perfect for buffing pressed and loose powder make-up whilst the highly sustainable bamboo handle means the brush sits comfortably in your hand and feels weightless.

The brush also has a recycled aluminium ferrule and comes packaged in a zip-top reusable pouch.

I have experienced no shedding and even after washing the brush remains incredibly soft whilst still retaining it’s shape (which I cannot say for some of my pricier brushes *cough* Clinique *cough*).  The bamboo handle is sturdy, yet it doesn’t weigh my hand down and I love the engraving of the logo on the handle.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it.  The flat-top is perfect for applying powder evenly for a flawless finish.  I have even experimented using it with foundation and again, works perfectly!  I’ve even used it with powder blushes and I find it packs just the right amount of colour.

I would say this is on a par with the highly coveted Real Techniques Buffing Brush, with some elements of the RT Stippling Brush.  I have been favouring this over my RT which says a lot!  I’m even tempted to buy more from EcoTools as this brush has, quite frankly, razzled dazzle me.

In case the cruelty free bristles, highly sustainable bamboo handle and recycled aluminium ferrule haven’t persuaded you that you need this brush in your life, perhaps this will:

EcoTools is a member of 1% for the Planet, a non-profit federation that supports more than 500 environmental and conservation charities by donating at least 1% of their annual revenues.

Have I piqued your interest now? ;)

You can buy this brush for £9.99 at Boots.

Have you tried EcoTools before? 

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April 11, 2013
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