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Hello! Today’s post is about a product that left me feeling a little disappointed.  Read on to find out my thoughts on the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray.

ghd heat protect style spray - famous in japan

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

£9.95 – LookFantastic

They say:

ghd Style Heat Protection Spray provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on damp or dry hair. Containing the unique ghd Heat Protection System, this spray can be layered with other styling products to create the result you desire.

I say:

I received the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray together with the ghd hairstylers  I was kindly gifted last year.  I was so excited to try the spray, as I had not tried any of the products from the styling range from ghd before.  Half of me was expecting a sub-par product that was coasting solely on the ghd branding, and the other part of me expected an amazing product, deserving of the ghd branding.

Whilst the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray hasn’t become an instant “Holy Grail” product, I would still hold it up as being one of the best heat protectants I have tried.

It’s a super-lightweight spray you can hardly feel on your hair, before and after styling.   There is no heavy, weighed down feeling nor any sticky, horrible residue.   It made my hair feel so soft, and look healthy.    My hair seemed to hold style well and for longer.

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the spray and it quickly became the sole spray that I used religiously for a month or two.

“Why are you disappointed?” I hear you cry.  Well…

The ghd Style Heat Protect Spray  ran out very quickly.  I was surprised at how fast I got through the bottle.  I tend to use my straighteners every other day, and I use my hairdryer twice a week.  I use about 5 sprays of heat protectant maximum each time I use heat on my hair.

This spray lasted me about 3 months, which is strange considering a bottle of heat protectant usually lasts me about 6 months.    The bottle does have some weight to it already, which adds to the illusion that you are receiving more than you actually are.  I will be sticking with my trusty bottle of Paul Mitchell Heat Seal as I get more for my money, and this is a product that truly has lasted me ages.

I would buy the ghd Style Heat Protect Spray again, but only if it was on offer.    Considering how fast I got through it, it isn’t worth the money for me.  I would recommend the spray for serious heat junkies like myself, but do expect to be replacing it more than you thought.

What was the last product that disappointed you?

Dannie x

ghd Heat Protect Spray included with gift of ghd hairstylers.  No further compensation received.

July 7, 2015
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