Forgotten Favourite: So? Kiss Me EDT

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

As soon as I hit save on yet another PicMonkey created masterpiece, I thought “SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS ON VALENTINES! ARRRRGH!”.  If you were glad of the demise of the love themed posts, perhaps you shouldn’t read this… WAIT WHERE ARE YOU ALL GOING DON’T LEAVE.


Isn’t it crazy how scents and smells can evoke memories, even the ones you tried to bury in the archives of your mind for your own sanity?

When I was a wee lassie… hold on that’s TOO far up North… *cough*… when I was a young lass (that’s better!) I was terribly uncool, very shy, very awkward, a bit chubby and frizzy hair to rival Marge Simpsons.  Oh, I was a looker let me tell you!  I devoured magazines like Sneak (my dad flicked through a copy and subsequently banned it from the house), Bliss, Mizz… all these magazines told me that I should be out with boys – more specifically kissing them – and when you have the self esteem of an amoeba you’re in trouble.

I bought this perfume in the false hope that once a boy would catch a sniff, he would perhaps look at me and maybe gimme some lovin’ (the PG13 kinda lovin’ folks).  I would literally drown myself in it. If you’re about the same age as me, you will know that boys/guys/men do the same thing nowadays with Lynx, most definitely for the same reasons!  I know you’re nodding, sista’.

Despite me wearing this religiously for years it was only until I moved to Spain, lost weight, bought a decent pair of straighteners and got contact lenses that any male attention began to come my way.  I still continued to wear this fragrance, though.  It was under £10 for a bottle and about £2 for a spray (those were the days!) so I could smell nice on the cheap.   It was when male attention did come my way (at the grand old age of 14) that my (then) boyfriend remarked on how every time he smelt this perfume it would remind him of me.  After we subsequently (perhaps inevitably *dramatic music*) broke up, this perfume was flung into the deep, depths of my room, never to be seen again…

…Until I was having a clear out and spotted it, smelt it and instantly fell back in love with it.  There is no denying it.  THIS IS MA SCENT.  I know I have previously declared my love for Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but that perfume is a fake friend.  It wasn’t there for me like this one was.  This one loved me when no one else did *sob*.

The scent draws you in with top notes of blueberries, pineapple and citron (because I’m a ~fruity~ mo’fo’) before revealing layers (OO-ER) of sweet vanilla (because I’m sweeeeeet) with a floral heart rounded by musks and natural woods (Bear Gryllz, watch your back).  I think that describes me perfectly.  When you first meet me I can be a bit shy, but then I start feeling more comfortable and open up and get more confident… perhaps even a little mouthy/sweary… as the people at the Leeds Blogger Meet Up will vouch!

This perfume will continue to be a firm favourite of mine regardless of the traumatic memories of my childhood.  It’s quite empowering to think a scent describes “you”… even if it is marketed at young girls!  It’s also a fraction of countless designer perfumes out there which means… more money to spend on other things! (Did you think I forgot that? NUH-HUH!)

I would love to know if you have a “signature scent”!

Thanks for reading!

x x x

February 21, 2013
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