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Put down that Vaseline!

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

They say:

Ultra-hydrating & Multi-tasking. Figs and Rouge 100% Natural – Nourishing Balm keeps lips delicious & super soft throughout the day.

I say:

I had seen Figs and Rouge floating around on a few blogs and it wasn’t long before I had given into the hype. It’s inevitable. There is no point in me attempting to fight it any more.

I suffer with dry, scabby, completely unattractive lips and most lip balms just do not work. I’ve tried Blistex, Vaseline (ugh), Chapstick, Nivea… the only one that has worked so far has been my beloved Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lip balm. However, when used generously, I find it leaves a white tinge to my lips, which is certainly not ideal if you are out and about. I have spoken in the past for my dislike of Vaseline, especially now that I have learned that it does not benefit me whatsoever!

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Figs and Rouge are a British beauty brand who specialise in 100% organic plant oil based products. They believe in the power of fruit oils and harness them to make products such as lip balms and hand creams. They’re even approved by the Soil Association (and that’s a clique that’s different to get into! THEY DON’T JUST APPROVE ANYONE) (Click here to read more about the Soil Association and what they do)

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Even though this is going to sound shallow like a shower (50 points if you understand the Cute is What We Aim For reference tehehe OH TEENAGE MEMORIES) one of my favourite things about this product is the tinLook at how pretty it is and detailed! Surely you must agree this looks a damn lot better than those Vaseline tins!?

Let’s crack on with talking about the balm itself. This is where it took me by surprise. The consistency of the product can only be described as similar to liquid sugar.

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

When you open the tin, the balm is solid yet you can feel the rough texture of the small grains.

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

When you begin to massage the product on to your lips, face, hands or body (Barry White background music is optional) it begins to melt.

Take a look at those ingredients…

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil: emollient, skin-conditioning.
  • Cera Alba (Beeswax): emollient, emulsifying.
  • Butyrospermum Parkii Butter: skin conditioning, emollient.
  • Glycerin: Humectant.
  • Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract: Skin-conditioning, skin-protecting and smoothing.
  • Limonene, Eugenol, Citral, Farnesol, Gernaiol and Linalool: naturally occurring essential oils.

When you apply this newfangled challenger of everything-you-thought-you-knew-about-lip-balms product on your lips, the grains disappear and the product changes to an liquid oil that leaves such a glossy yet light finish. It doesn’t matter if you accidentally ingest it either as plant oils are good for you (unlike petroleum jelly…) (#BeMeanToVaselineDay)

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

It doesn’t make my lips feel instantly soft, as this is more of an light oil than a thick balm, however regular use it has helped improve the condition and appearance of my lips no more cracking, splitting or scabbing! I also find that if you leave your lips alone and avoid eating or drinking the glossy finish can last a while. However if like me you have discovered those new MaltTeaser bars which demand to be ate within 5 seconds of purchase, then it probably won’t last very long… 

When applied on the face or body, I find it does leave me feeling a tad like a sticky ricky. I would recommend blotting with a tissue if you want to use it that way but at the moment it’s strictly for my lips. I have used it for my hands a few times and I feel my cuticles benefit most as opposed to my actual hands. Again, my hands can feel sticky without blotting and I’m pretty sure my boss doesn’t want a Defence covered in oily fingerprints!

This variety is Wild Cherry with Sweet Orange. I like the smell, even if I find the orange overtakes the cherry as the main scent. I think these two scents work really well together – whilst orange can be a bit AH IT BURNS and cherry can be a bit OH MY GOD THAT’S TOO SICKLY they sort of cancel out the bad things in one other – like love’s young dream (all together now, n’aww).

I have absolutely loved using this balm and its a firm favourite of mine, it travels from bag to bag as I am absolutely hooked!

As it is 100% organically produced from plant oils, I am assuming it is cruelty free and from what I can see it is sold from most natural health boutiques.   However, due to the presence of Cera Alba (which is derived from beeswax) this product may not be suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

I picked this up in Boots for £4.99 but you can also buy it at Lucy Rose for £4.99 too. It also seems that you can buy it in Japan!

Figs and Rouge Balm, Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Have you tried a Figs and Rouge balm? What did you think?

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April 6, 2013
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