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This review has been overdue for a very long time! *slaps wrist* I know you will have already seen TONS of reviews of this already buuut did those reviews feature deliciously funny humour and GIFs?


Tehe. If you cast your minds back now, I attended my very first blogger event – the Benefit Fake Up Launch Party. If you can’t remember me waffling on about that, here is the link. At that event I was very kindly gifted with all three shades of Fake Up…


Today I am going to be reviewing Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Light. Click Read More to read what I thought AND see some before and after pictures!


They say:

This crease control hydrating formula – with vitamin E and apple seed extract – boosts hydration, hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines. Get the smoothest, most natural look… or refresh your favourite concealer by layering fakeup on top. It never settles and neither should you!

I say:

They say eyes are the windows to the soul; but what about the under eye area? Are they the windowsills; destined to be covered in tea stains and chock a block full of Hello Kitty merchandise..? Oh wait, that just might be mine.

Whenever I have had a late night, perhaps I have been Tumblr’in, reading or tweeting, you can bet your sweet $$$ that it’s going to show up on my face. As my lovely Northern mum will say “you look ten sheets to the wind/you look half dead/you look like death warmed up” and so on. You get the idea.


However, I just have never got on with under eye concealers. I found L’Oreal Infallible too cakey and Benefit Erase Paste too heavy. I found the best way to use Benefit Erase Paste was to mix it together with Benefit It’s Potent eye cream thus creating a hydrating, yet light concealer. (Perhaps this was the inspiration behind Fake Up? Should I be calling on my boss for a favour?)

Benefit Fake Up is described as a being a dual use product; the moisturising ring providing up to 6 hours of hydration to the under eye area whilst the concealing core hides dark circles, smooths skin and deflects light. Vitamin E and apple seed extract are the star players in this concealing game; not content with moisturising they also work to brighten the under eye area.

At the event, Lisa and the gang gave out some tester Fake Ups to try. I remember exclaiming “it feels like a lip balm!” when I swatched it across my arm. It felt so creamy and soft; would this really disguise dark circles?


Picture One shows my eye area pre-application (I almost wrote Application then, damn you #legalsecretaryproblems!). You can see how silky the product applies and how it does not cake or settle into any lines.

Picture Two shows where I have applied Benefit Fake Up. I try my best to apply it in a V shape but, as the stick is quite large and the formula is very creamy, it is hard to be precise. When applied, it does not sit or drag down my eye area; it feels very smooth and comfortable. (For some reason my Fake Up is always cold when applying which definitely wakes me up a bit in the morning!)

Picture Three is demonstrating how I apply it. I like to use the Real Techniques Contour Brush as a) I cannot contour to save my life and b) the brush shape is perfectly angled to gently buff and pat the product into place without getting bristles to the eye.

Picture Four shows the finished result. The under eye area is visibly brighter and feels hydrated. I haven’t had a problem with creasing either (and I’m one of those people whose eyes crinkle like McCoys crisps when they smile!). I like to set it with powder to provide some longevity; Rimmel Stay Matte and Benefit Hello Flawless are my favourites for this.


‘Ere, have another picture.

I find that the Light version of this has a strong yellow tone which does conceal dark circles to a degree. I find it is has a light to medium coverage, depending on the level you want as it is buildable. I do however feel that it would not be suitable for severe dark circles which require heavier coverage.

Some people have claimed it does not work well on blemishes; I disagree! I love using this on blemishes as I find that angry skin needs a good dose of hydration, not cakey formulas that will only aggravate it as the day goes on. I find that keeping spots moisturised encourages them to heal faster and what better to treat them with then a product designed to conceal and hydrate?


Priced at £18.50, this perhaps a little expensive for the average guy and gal. If Benefit had priced this at around £12-£15 I think more people would be willing to buy as even a “drugstore” concealer is roughly about the £8.99 mark nowadays. As this product is aimed at concealing dark circles, it is probably for the best that you try it at a Benefit counter if your dark circles are severe.

To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t have bought this if it wasn’t gifted to me. I know that sounds very ungrateful and a bit rude but I just find it too expensive (and this is coming from someone who used to have a severe Clinique addiction!) for what it is – a concealer. I may have probably looked at it online/instore, done a bitta harmless lustin’ and that’s it.

You can pick up Benefit Fake Up from Benefit Counters in Boots & department store and online.

Would you try Benefit Fake Up? What do you use to hide those late nights?

x x x

Benefit Fake Up sent for consideration of review. No further compensation received.

July 5, 2013
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