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Hello!  Today’s post is incredibly exciting for me to write.  I am sure that most of you are familiar with BritishBeautyBlogger; one of the biggest beauty bloggers in the UK, she brings us all the gossip on make up launches daily and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on a product.  It’s this honesty and approachability that makes her an essential read for me.   As someone who counts down the days to the release of her BritishBeautyBlogger beauty boxes, I was ecstatic for Jane when she announced she was teaming up with Marks and Spencer to bring out her own make up range.  I can’t imagine how incredibly exciting that was for her!  Jane offered me the chance to review a couple of items from the range and I jumped at the chance. One of those items was the Eye and Cheek Palette.

BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette 1 - Famous in Japan, UK Blog

BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette

£14.00 – Marks and Spencer

They say:

A limited edition palette of eyeshadow and blusher in stylish, wearable shades, suitable for all skin tones. In collaboration with British Beauty Blogger.

Hypoallergenic / Fragrance Free / Dermatologically Tested / Paraben Free / Alcohol Free / Suitable for Vegetarians / Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

I say:

As I mentioned in my Monthly Favourites – October post, I’m not really an eyeshadow person.  When I received this in the post I was worried* about how I was going to get on with it as my eyeshadow skills are non-existent.  I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now and I still don’t know how to do a smokey eye.  In fact, I’m not even sure I know how to blend!  Luckily for me, this palette makes it easy for complete novices like me.

*I was however jumping excitedly up and down the kitchen screeching at my mum about the collection and waving the press release in her face – did she know it was by a blogger and did she know it was for Marks and Spencer?!

BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette 3 - Famous in Japan, UK Blog

The BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek palette contains six powder eyeshadows and one powder blush.  The palette itself is made of sturdy plastic with a magnetic close.  The mirror included is a decent size for checking your eye make up and making sure it is still in tact.

BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette 2 - Famous in Japan, UK Blog

I’ve never done arm swatches before – I hope they are helpful!  All these swatches are with eyeshadow primer underneath.

I personally am glad that none of these shades are matte OR neutral. I think the blogging community has enough neutral palettes!  All the shades are shimmer based, with three day time shades and three night time shades (well that’s what I think anyway!).  I have tried all six shades but my favourite shades are the first, second, fourth and fifth.    I have struggled to make the third shade suit me but I can imagine those confident with a blending brush would have no trouble with it.

In terms of formulation, the shadows are soft and smooth; there is a little bit of fall out I find but it’s not a problem for me.  These shades work best when used with an eyeshadow primer as a base to help them last longer and look more vibrant, especially with the shimmer present.  I have terribly oily eyelids and the shades didn’t last long without a primer, but then again nothing ever does (seriously, it’s like all the oil in my face has travelled up to my eyelids).  As a daily contact lens wearer, I have suffered absolutely no irritation with wearing these shades.

I am also pleased that the BritishBeautyBlogger line is BUAV approved and suitable for vegetarians.  Even though Jane herself isn’t a cruelty free blogger, it opens up the line to everyone to try.  If the line wasn’t cruelty free, it restricts the amount of people who could try the line – does that make sense?

The blush shade on the end deserves an honourable mention.  It’s a bright, coral shade that should suit most, if not all.  It didn’t require much buffing around with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to pick up plenty of product – it actually reminds me of Bella Bamba by Benefit.  I have to say that I am glad that a powder blush was included in the palette, and not a cream blush or lip products, as it means the palette is easier and more hygienic.

It’s clear that Jane had a lorra lorra input on her beauty line; from the Nuno Da Costa illustrations that adorn the packaging (Nuno Da Costa is the artist behind all of Jane’s logos on her two blogs) to the fact that a BRUSH was included in the eyeshadow palette and none of those HORRIBLE SPONGE APPLICATORS!  *shakes fist with rage*.

Before this palette, I wasn’t an eyeshadow person.  Now, I feel a little bit more confident wearing it, even if it is just one colour on the lid.   Maybe in the future I will learn how to do a smokey eye… or maybe just learn how to wear more than one shade at a time!

I can imagine a lot of people asking for this palette for Christmas; whether they are bloggers or not.  I know that if I hadn’t been so lucky to receive it, I would have bought it myself as let’s face it, it’s a big deal for a blogger to be not only recognised, but to team up with one of the world’s biggest, and possibly most British, institutions to create her own make up line.  It is astounding that bloggers are now being recognised as a force to be reckoned with and I can’t think of anyone else deserving this opportunity more than Jane.

My mum and I took a trip to our local Marks and Spencer to see it physically on the shelves (my mum asked “is any of your friend’s stuff in here?”).  It seems that my local Marks and Spencer is too small to hold the entire range and only the make up bag was available.  I think it would be best to buy the palette online if you do not have a local Marks and Spencer or if the one you do have is small as this collection is limited edition and sadly won’t be around forever.

Will you be asking Santa for the BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette?

Danniella x

 BritishBeautyBlogger Eye and Cheek Palette sent for consideration of review.  No further compensation received.


November 1, 2014
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  • Reply Estelle

    I’ve followed Jane on Twitter for what seems like forever and actually fangirled when I heard about her new collection. Makes me so proud to be a blogger!!
    Realised I completely disregarded the whole product that comment but that third shadow looks incredible! Imagine wearing that for christmas parties!
    Estelle xx

    November 1, 2014 at 8:55 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Blogger pride! :D it reminds me of one from MAC that everyone loves, I’m determined to make it work for me somehow! x

      November 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm
  • Reply Chelsea

    Your mam is so cute, haha! This is such a good review, I feel like you leave absolutely no stone unturned! I’m terrible with eyeshadow – due to being a glasses wearer, I think – and tend to just start with a light shade in the corner, and then a sliiiiightly darker one at the end and meet in the middle. It’s well technical… xx

    November 1, 2014 at 10:50 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Hahah, she’s the best! Thank you so much :)) I’m terrible too, I can’t even do the darker bit at the end as I just can’t figure out how to blend. So useless xx

      November 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm
  • Reply Alice Grace

    Totally agree with how awesome it is that people are realizing that bloggers have such potential at creating great product ranges. That palette looks so gorgeous, along with the rest of her collection, so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that I ca still get my hands on it! Great review :)


    November 2, 2014 at 5:08 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      It is! Power to the bloggers! I think it’s still available online :) x

      November 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm
  • Reply Gemma Oxford

    How did I not know about this palette? I automatically fail at beauty blogging >_> x

    November 2, 2014 at 10:50 pm
    • Reply Danniella Josephine

      Well now you know so you don’t fail at beauty blogging! :D x

      November 9, 2014 at 5:27 pm

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