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Hello!  Pre-blog, I didn’t really bother with my brows.  I had them waxed a few times but when it came to make up time I didn’t give any thought towards them.  Fast forward a few years and my whole day can be ruined if I forgot to fill in my brows (yes, really!).  I won Benefit Speed Brow in Alice‘s giveaway quite a while back now so I have had plenty of time to form an opinion on it.

Benefit Speed Brow - Famous in Japan, UK Blog

Benefit Speed Brow - Famous in Japan, UK Beauty Blog

Benefit Speed Brow

£13.00 – Benefit

They say:

Tint, tame and set brows in record time! This brush-on gel dries to a natural-looking finish for instantly beautiful brows. One natural shade dresses up all brows.

I say:

I was quite excited to try Benefit Speed Brow as Benefit seem to be the experts on brows and not many companies focus on them as much as they do.  However, this isn’t a product that lived up to my expectations.

Firstly, it’s expensive for what it is.  I thought this was around £9 for some reason but £13?! Really?!  This is half the size of a mascara!

The brush itself is quite small and dinky and it is the right size to comb through your brows.  I wouldn’t say the actual product is a gel as such; I find mine is quite watery and you have to be careful not to leave brown splodges of it on the skin around your eyebrows.  It does leave your brows feeling quite “crispy” like a gel does to your hair.  I also don’t think this tints my eyebrows that much either.  I mostly use it to comb through my brows before I fill them in properly with powder so I have a better shape to work with.   They claim it gives a “natural looking finish” but at £13 you do want it to make some sort of noticeable difference, don’t you?

I wouldn’t buy this again when it ran out.  For £13, I can buy 13 £1 clear mascaras from MUA which would probably give the same effect.  Not that I would buy 13 clear mascaras mind, I’m not that bad!

Danniella x

May 29, 2014
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  • Reply Evelyn

    I saw this on a Benefit counter recently and was shocked by how small it was! Seems so expensive :( x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    May 29, 2014 at 5:10 pm
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