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Dearie me, it has been a while since I popped a review on here isn’t it?! *hangs head in shame*  Hopefully this post will make you forgive me… *puppy dog eyes*  I do not like the cone of shame. 

benefit b.right triple performing facial emulsion, famous in japan

They say:

You may not know you’re dehydrated, but your skin does.  Benefit b.right triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ hydrates, protects & comforts the skin with an oil-free, lightweight formula

I say:

If you trawl through the dusty archives of my blog, you will see that one of the first, very badly written posts was a review of the b.right Total Moisture Face cream.  I promised in that post that this one was next… and here it is more than a year later! (One day I will be organised…)   Of course, it is well documented on here that I have dry skin.  It is literally the bane of my life.  Make up just does not stay on, my face often feels tight and uncomfortable and spots take forever and a day to heal.

When I popped down to the Benefit Speed Faking Event a while back, one of the demonstrations was about the b.right skincare line. Even though I had tried them before I was interested to hear all about the line and be talked through each product – rather than purchasing one blindly and not really knowing what I did with it.  Those Benebabes don’t ‘alf know their stuff.  Jesus, they should be on Mastermind!

Anywho, let’s talk about the Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion now. *serious face*

The b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is one of 3 products from the b.right skincare line that contains Benefit’s exclusive “Tri-Radiance Complex”.  This ingredient is a multi tasking marvel – giving your skin a heavy duty dose of hydration whilst reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier and visibly brightening skin.   It was the “reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier” that reeled me in.  Any product aimed at encouraging and helping my skin to retain moisture, and not gamble it on all 27 Black down the local casino, is going straight in my basket.

Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Famous in Japan

The Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion also contains hyluronic acid, vitamin E and plant extracts whilst protecting your skin from harmful sun rays and free radicals with SPF 15 – blimey, it’s goodness in a bottle!

The product formulation of Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is oil-free: perfect for oily skinned folk who want to avoid clogged pores and breakouts… but it is also ideal for dry skin types as it means it will sink in and be absorbed faster.

I find that it absorbs incredibly quickly and I only need to use a 10p size amount for all of my face (you’ve seen it, you know how big it is).  It smooths my face, makes it feel soft and plump (like a peach) (g’wan touch it… actually don’t) and makes applying make up a walk in the park.  Foundation no longer clings to any dry skin patches it can find and stays put.  I no longer fear the powder and as a result my face is now looking f l a w l e s s all day, err’day.

On a whole, I’ve noticed that my skin is looking so much brighter and healthier *gasps from the audience* and I have suffered no irritation or breakouts either.  This is my third deluxe mini of this bottle so I tell you no lies, homie.

My only grumble with the Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is that the packaging is reminiscent of Heinz tomato ketchup.  If you want some of that goodness, you need to shake it or bang the underside.  I feel that a pump would have been more hygienic and made product distribution a little easier and less messy.

I’m not even that bothered about the price *shrugs*  The Benefit b.right Triple Performing Facial Emulsion retails for £20.50, which is cheaper than my beloved Clinique moisturiser, and comes in the prettiest glass bottles! These are perfect for adding some class to your dressing table. I would go out and repurchase this tomorrow if I didn’t have so many other moisturisers queuing up to be used.

Can you guess the rating? It’s 5/5 from me!  Benefit, I tip my bonnet to you.  You sure know how to please a gal.

Thanks for reading!

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February 25, 2013
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