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It’s once again OyatsuBox time, yay!  For those of you not so familiar with my blog, OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription box service from Japan. For $11.99, $20 or $30 per month,  you receive a box of Japanese confectionery and savoury goods.  Let’s have a look inside!

OyatsuBox - Famous in Japan

OyatsuBox May 2 Famous in Japan

Neko Atsume Caramel Choco

These are cat shaped milk/caramel choco puffs.  Is it me, or do they sound lovely?  Oooh, I can’t wait to get stuck in!  I haven’t given into the Neko Atsume hype as of yet, but who knows, this may just tip me over the edge.

Dodotto Ramune – DIY Candy Kit

A DIY candy kit where you use the octopus shaped dropper to “drop” one mixture into another to make ramune flavoured gummies.  This looks like it will be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to give it a go.

Hi-Chew Otona Orange

You know what I am going to say – yay for Hi-Chew!  This is a brand new “adult flavour”; boasting a bitter and rich orange peel tasteI will be sure to give these a go soon!

OyatsuBox May 3 Famous in Japan

Pique Eight – Buttermilk

Milk flavoured crisps?  Have I understood that right?!  Whilst it sounds so wrong, as it is from Japan, it also has the potential to be weirdly enjoyable.  Better put on my Big Girl pants before I try them!

Bourbon Choco Anpan

These are “bakery style pan dough” bites with a milk filling.   They look and sound very appetising – I’ll try my best to review them!

Costume Chocolate

A small box containing chocolate pieces.  I will eat these in seconds… It’s so small!    I think there was a variety of different styles of packaging available this month and as you can see, I received an alien.

Black Thunder – Gold

This is a rather small chocolate bar which should be a very nice snack for me.  It’s too small for me to review properly unfortunately – I’ll inhale this in less than 5 seconds.

OyatsuBox May 1 Famous in Japan

Butamen – Pork and Curry

An item I have had before, thanks to one of my first OyatsuBoxes.   I tried the Soy variety!   An easy, quick snack for when I am feeling particularly lazy.  I’ll have to make sure I have some water nearby as I remember it being rather salty!  (no giggles at the back, please).

OyatsuBox May 4 Famous in Japan

Puchitto – Honey Lemon

These are soft candies in the shape of fruit.  You can either pick the candies apart or eat it whole.  I’ve had a variety of these before, and they were very nice, so I am pleased to receive them again.  Who knows, I might be able to review them!

Kabaya Watermelon

Another item I have tried before, and I am pleased to see again.  You can read my thoughts on the Kabaya Watermelon gummies in my review.

Coris – Pirate Cola

A rather “classic” sweet that I see a lot on candy blogs.   The aim of the game with this candy is to blow through the candy to whistle.   I hope it works – I can’t whistle!  #dontjudge  After I’ve had my whistling fun, I will be able to enjoy the sweet!

OyatsuBox May 5 Famous in Japan

The Japanese Gachapon I received this month is a cute little raccoon miniature figure.  He will be perfect for holding down some paperwork – he already has the shocked expression!

Come on guys, you know what I’m going to say…   A good box, as always!   I can always rely on OyatsuBox to provide a mixture of sweet and savoury, as well as throwing in some rather “unusual” items so to speak.  I don’t think there has ever been a box that has disappointed me, and whilst I may have a little grumble about the savoury items, it’s all in jest as I do usually eat the majority of the box (even if I don’t review all of the items in detail).

OyatsuBox is a monthly subscription service from Japan.  The box I receive is the Premium OyatsuBox, which is $30 for 10-14 full size items per month.   There is also the Junior Service, at $11.99 per month where you receive 3 full size items per month, or the normal OyatsuBox that is $20 for 6 full size treats.   I prefer the $30 service personally as you get so much to try, and it will last you until the next box comes!  Shipping is free and there are no custom charges to pay.  The boxes are sent out at the start of each month and take about two weeks to arrive.  The boxes have increased in price in the past few months to cover the cost of tracked shipping.

OyatsuBox contain a mixture of sweet and savoury items but do not worry, you receive an information sheet in English with the box so you know what each item is.

What’s your favourite item in the box?

Dannie x

I am working with OyatsuBox at the moment, and as part of this work they have kindly offered me a free subscription.  I wanted to make it clear to you all that this has only started from May’s box.   My boxes from September 2014 to April 2015 were not provided for free.  If you have any questions, queries or doubts, please email me.  I would be happy to put your mind at ease.

June 6, 2016
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  • Reply Chelsea

    Is it bad that I really want to buy this for the little racoon figure alone?! Dylan would love those whistling sweets, he can’t whistle either and it’s so funny hearing him try! xx

    June 6, 2016 at 9:11 pm
  • Reply Sami Spoon

    Don’t worry! The crisps are salted butter senbei crackers from what I can read on the packaging :D
    So have no fear!!

    I recognise the raccoon, I think he’s called Rascal, but I have no idea what he’s from lol

    June 9, 2016 at 8:42 pm
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